March 8, 2017

Mujer. {Poema}

“Mujer, ni sumisa ni devota, te quiero libre, linda y loca…”

Te quiero presente.
Te quiero real.

Te quiero de colores.
Te quiero inquieta e irreverente.

Te quiero antigua y majestuosa.

Te quiero madre.
Te quiero hija.
Porque todas somos una u otra.

Te quiero volátil y pasional.
Te quiero sentimental y honesta.

Te quiero con el corazón en la mano
pero dueña de ti misma.

Te quiero humilde.
Te quiero fuerte.
Te quiero vulnerable.

Te quiero mágica.

Te quiero corriendo libre,
sin prejuicios,
sin resentimientos,
sin pudor ni pena.

Te quiero en paz.

Te quiero viva.



Autora: Montse Leon

Foto: Author’s own

Editora: Yoli Ramazzina

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Montse Leon

Montse Leon grew up in Tijuana, Mexico, so the immigrant situation has always concerned her mind and heart. She would love to see people asking for fewer walls instead of higher ones. She broke down her own wall when she fell in love with a gringo and started a family. Now she is the mother of a little wild child and when not dancing with him or hiking with her dog, she finds time to escape into yoga. She frequently visits family and friends in Mexico, enjoying long hours of togetherness over a bottle of mezcal or a hipster Tijuana version of the café de olla, depending on the time. She gets inspired by the pre-Columbian traditions in Mexico and by the work of writers and artists such as Laura Esquivel, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Alice Rahon and Remedios Varo, all of whom have found the thin line that divides our world and the world where the Moon is inhabited by spirits and mermaids.

You can follow her on Instagram.