March 16, 2017

Sisterly Plea. {Poem}

This is for all who have felt unheard, unwitnessed, and shutdown after opening, expanding, and bearing heart and emotion—who were met with slight to defiant oppression of their heart’s choices:

It’s a man’s world

The saying goes
Yet women,
Other women
Feel the need to tell me so.
Do this—
When I was like you—I did this,
Follow your lead?
Just follow,

Don’t become,
Don’t begin again,
Don’t question your inner thoughts—
Follow me.

Watch—I’m doing it
Follow me.

Why do you question me so?
Don’t you trust in me,
My way of being?
It’s okay when we disagree,
But sisterly is what I will always plea.

See me as I am—
Wholly and weeping,
Breaking my heart
Into decipherable pieces.

I need to play the devil
To your heart’s advocate.
There is no way your heart
Knows its etiquette.

Follow the footsteps of the ones who know,
The stoned faced women who have lost their glow.
Their essence does still flow—
Effervescently though,
Barely shining,
Mostly unhinged
Bubbling up—
To express their desires that lay on the fringe.

Cry their imprisoned souls,
Breaking backwards where awareness flows.

Held together with blusher and hue
We see one another with a view,
For each has stepped before the other—

Begin living a life of acceptance of self. Expand and shed your former self and move toward your brighter light.




Image: Lucahennig/Flickr

Editor: Lieselle Davidson


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