March 9, 2017

Spiritual Evolution—Evolving from one State of Being to Another.

When take stock of our lives, we can often see that the quality of it, or our reality, is based on our expectations and perceptions of what goes on around and within us.

For example, we expect to get that job or secure that contract, or we expect someone to hold something we said in confidence. We expect a partner to behave in a certain way.

When this doesn’t happen, our ego tends to get in the way. We may feel hurt, get angry or have self-esteem issues. In other words, we perceive an event in a particular way based on our beliefs and expectations, yet when these expectations are either met or unmet, thoughts develop about the situation.

The thoughts lead to accompanying emotions, that we then deem positive or negative—resonant or non-resonant with our expectations. It’s up to us what we choose to feel.

Where there is resonance, there is frequency. Where there is frequency, there is energy.

When we understand this, we can see that all events, thoughts and emotions are energy in motion. When we can understand this, we can understand that nothing means anything—except the meaning that we give to it, or alternatively we accept the meaning someone else gives to it.

So what does spiritual or energetic evolution mean? Can we devolve?

I don’t feel we can devolve, because time is non-linear. We would have to return to a point where we experience exactly the same events, associated thoughts and emotions. This is not possible. Devolution cannot occur in this realm.

In each moment we are shifting to a new point of reference or experience with its associated events, thoughts and emotions. It may seem that we are moving forward, often with goals and aspirations. But is this true? What if every experience in each moment is but a play of energy, with varying frequencies, yet seemingly real to the brain?

What if we are not the biochemical makeup of the body/vessel driven by the brain, but the life force consisting of all frequencies packed into this biochemical vessel?

If so, what is the controlling aspect of all of this? 

It can’t be the brain, as it is a biochemical organ that controls the chemical aspects along with other organs and systems in the vessel. Could the orchestrator of events and observer of thoughts and emotions be the divine life force or soul aspect which we are?

The soul essence experiences itself as the “all knowing” through physical experience via the body in three-dimensional existence, in each moment. Every experience evolves into a new experience in each moment. Each experience has its range of frequencies or energies. Evolution, so to speak.

This makes it possible to experience higher or lower frequencies in any moment through choice of the life force or human spirit. This leads to spiritual evolution.

We tend to think of spiritual evolution as moving to experience the higher frequency bands, for example love, peace, harmony. However, we can move to experience lower frequencies such as anger, hate and fear.

Either way, this is spiritual evolution—evolving from one state of being to another. But, as the driving life force that we are, we can chose to experience the higher or lower frequencies, thoughts and emotions of this realm. It’s all spiritual evolution.

Consider this: There is always an experience in play, either by conscious small mind choice, for example, a choice to experience going to the shop to buy milk while experiencing events, thoughts, and emotion along the way—a planned and kind of expected event.

This higher aspect may choose an integrated energetic event such as a car accident. This event, although not consciously chosen, allows for thoughts, emotions, and subsequent events that we have to experience and deal with.

It is spiritual evolution in the journey of our individuated life often entangled with other aspects of life force (other people) on their journey of experience.

When we awaken to the fact that through meditation and other means, we can attune to our aspect of life force or soul essence we, more often than not, tend to choose to experience higher frequency bands of experience, thoughts and emotions.

When we learn to view life with detachment and mindfulness in higher frequencies, we tend not to experience the lower frequencies as much.

In so being, we become closer to the melding potential with the infinite creative force of all that is—in all dimensions.




Author: Brett Griesel

Image: flickr/spiritual_marketplace

Editor: Lieselle Davidson


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