March 11, 2017

To the Lone Woman.{Poem}

She sat there on that park bench alone,

She would come here for hours on days when society spun madly in the chaos it created.

There is some sweetness in the simple life.

When you can sit for a moment and just watch the madness swirl along,

It’s what I would imagine the night sky would look like if we dipped bugs into glow paint and watched them fly.

Some beautiful form of madness, so true it could be art.

But, there is a stigma we attach to the lone woman.

Questions arise about her inadequacies.

If she doesn’t have a man to define her, then her career better

Be the definition.

As if we need definitions.

As if we need to justify being alone.

So, here’s to the women who have patience in this world.

Who can sit on park benches alone and marvel at the madness, and not attach themselves to it.

They’re not defined by a man

Or a career.

Because those definitions don’t define a human,

Or a soul.

Why do we need to be something

When we don’t need to be anything?

Sometimes sitting alone

Taking time to just be

Will give clarity to everything we doubt

Everything we fear

Everything we think we need to be.

Lone women,

You don’t need a definition

Or an attachment

To assign yourself worth.

You are enough in everything that you are,

Right now

Right here.

And isn’t life enough

To just live

Do we really need to be anything,

Or should we just be?




Author: Kara Bezuko 

Image: Author’s own

Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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