April 26, 2017

Let Us Be Love. {Poem}


Let us be love

Daring to meet the adventure of our heart’s desire

Testing the fires in joy and courage.


Let us dance—together, apart, and back together

In joy, in ecstasy, in dreams, and in love

Raucous, wild, happy dances; quiet, slow, loving dances; confusing, reflecting, pensive dances; complicated, challenging, growing dances.


Let us dwell in the beauty of each other

Knowing and understanding that is not all we are,

But knowing that this is what we choose to worship, to nurture, to celebrate.


Let us hear and hold each other’s stories

Being true to our own stories,

Making a divine duet of poetry until our stories sing the dreams of the other.


Let us explore our failures and successes together,

Supporting all the endeavors that bring us closer to our soul purpose,

Understanding what sustains us and hold this in our hearts every day.


Let us get up together after grief and despair

Or, when that is not possible, shouldering the burden of each other’s needs

Holding strong in the ebb and flow of emotions.


Let us age and learn and evolve

Perhaps not always pretty, but beautiful

Loving the growing details of our souls more than the declining details of our bodies.


Let us know there will be sorrows and pain

Sometimes we will move through these together, sometimes separately

With no judgment on how the other person is doing it.


Let us be more than brave

Love being not what we seek, but who we are

Our love providing the richest base from which our souls may grow.


We do not know if we can stand in this fire yet

But I offer my hand to you as we approach

If we shrink back, that is ok—we know we are strong enough to keep trying.


Let us be whole together

Two complete people, still growing and learning, side by side, adding to each other in every moment

Let us be Love.




Author: Tui Anderson
Image: Tim Gouw/Unsplash
Editor: Leah Sugerman



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