April 25, 2017

One of the Best Things in Life. {Poem}

Feeling nostalgic—

It’s been oh so long
since I’ve plucked at a bass string
or written a song…

Looking at photos
of good times gone by,
faces and places,
so many good times.

We were just kids—
and hey, what did we know?
Not too much, but we were happy
just to play a show.

Guitar strings and drum heads,
a couple of beers,
friendship and laughter,
memories for years.

Sure, there was bickering
and things that went wrong,
but there also was joy
when we’d write a new song.

Rehearsing, recording,
making fliers to share,
singing and screaming
with fists in the air

One of the best things in life
is making music with friends,
and the memories live on
even if the band ends.




Author: Yoli Ramazzina

Images: Unsplash/William Iven

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