April 13, 2017

The Illusion is Part of the Whole.

“We are all one.”

This sentence has been ringing in my ears for several years now.

In the spiritual community, it gets repeated over and over again like a mantra.

I have said it myself. I have felt it. And then I forgot it again.

Meditation can help us to remember what oneness feels like. And then we come back into our temporal perspective and understand that the ego is only a construct of the mind, that our pain is just a temporary fantasy.

We start separating the lies from the truth, the illusion from reality.

I hear us say that whenever pain comes, we need to remember that it is only an illusion and in every moment we can decide to let go of fear, anger, or sadness.

I read quotes stating that you can be committed only to either your bullsh*t or your growth, suggesting that growth is better than comfort.

But why do we create more division by ranking one thing higher than the other?

Why do we have to separate the separateness from the whole? Why do we disconnect connection from disconnection? Isn’t the illusion part of the oneness? Isn’t the nothingness part of everything? Isn’t the night the flip side of the day and so intrinsically the same?

Whenever we divide between what’s real and what’s fake, we are creating another separation and excluding the illusion from the magnificence of existence.

Whenever we are suggesting that joy is better than anger, we are creating a hierarchy of feelings and enforcing the division.

If we are all one, then love is to include everything as yourself—including the illusion, the separateness, the disconnection, and the pain.

If love is the only truth and love is all there is, then ultimately everything is true. Every perspective, every suffering, every construct of the ego, every fear.

That does not mean it’s real.

The illusion is the teacher of oneness.

The fear is part of the whole. It is nothing else than the flip side of love.




Author: Alice Dee Smeets

Image: David Marcu/Unsplash 

Editor: Travis May

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