May 25, 2017

7 Ways to Balance the Mind & Body through Meditation.


Meditation is the best way to relax the body and mind.

It brings absolute peace to our minds, eliminating any internal disturbance, and it not only calms the body, but also helps it function more efficiently. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our minds are all worked up, and our bodies are too tired to feel comfortable. In such cases, meditation is the right thing to do. We can simply begin the day with meditation as well as end the day on a peaceful note.

Some of us may wonder: Why do we need to meditate? According to one study, meditation has many benefits for both the mind and body. It significantly reduces the stress levels in our bodies and strengthens our immune systems. When our systems function smoothly, we gain inner balance, which leads to mental harmony. Meditation works toward creating greater dynamism within the body and promoting better health.

Enhancing the immune system.

By meditating, we are improving our body’s immunity. As it reduces stress, the body gets a signal to be more efficient. Illness begins with the mind and spreads to the body. It could be caused due to lack of sleep or high stress levels. Meditation teaches the body to remain comfortable by improving its functioning. When the body regains its immunity, it can fight diseases better.

Increased levels of intellect.

Yes, meditation can make us smarter! The brain has many functions, but the most affected by stress is its problem-solving ability. However, practicing meditation can lead to more mental alertness. And when our minds are alert, we make better decisions. When we defocus all the disturbances around us, we can finally focus on whatever our primary goal is.

Improved quality of breath.

Meditation majorly includes breathing exercises. Most meditation techniques encourage filling our lungs up with fresh air. And not just that, meditation also helps us breathe more effortlessly. We may not pay much attention to breathing habits, but meditation helps hone that. And as we continue to practice, we slowly begin to breathe smoothly and deeply with ease.

Complete muscle relaxation.

An essential step for meditation is to be comfortable. Only when we are in a rested position can we achieve focus in what we are doing. While meditating, we are trying to achieve serenity of mind, and subconsciously we are relaxing our muscles. Surya Namaskar is the perfect way to stretch out our body and along with meditation to give our muscles a soothing workout. With proper dedication, we can attain true relaxation.

Reduced tension and stress.

Stress is the primary cause of lack of sleep and unpleasant moods. When our mind is stress-free, we are more peaceful and feel happy within our surroundings. A tired and stressed-out mind makes our body lethargic. Meditation fights against any discomfort or doubt in our mind that causes distractions. And with so much confusion happening in our head, we often tend to become displeasing to be around, too. Thus, practicing meditation can bring personal peace and solace.

Increased productivity with focus.

In our quest to multitask, we often lose focus on our main objective. And thanks to the hectic work schedules we have, we barely make time for ourselves. We are always in a hurry to complete things, and the stress keeps piling on. As a result of this, our productivity stats have reduced significantly. The goal of meditation is to attain ultimate focus and concentration. With increased focus, our daily productivity will also increase gradually.

Relaxed mind and fit body.

It is known that meditation relaxes our mind, improving its functioning. But, as surprising as it may seem, practicing meditation on a regular basis can increase our metabolism, too. And with an improved metabolic rate, it is easier to manage our weight. With an improved diet and proper attention, we all can achieve a harmonious relationship with our body and mind.

Meditation brings tranquility to the body and mind. It is a method that deeply relaxes us. However, to enjoy the benefits of meditation, regular practice is mandatory. It is easy to make it a part of a daily routine by just allocating a few minutes first thing in the morning. The results will be worth every minute spent on it. With proper dedication, we can attain greater mental and physical strength.

So, please, enrich your life with meditation.



Author: Vineetha Reddy
Image: Ariel Lustre/Unsplash
Editor: Taia Butler

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