May 30, 2017

Healing Family Karma & Creating Inner Peace.

We all have family issues and life experiences we carry. Though few often like to talk about their issues publically, everyone has challenges throughout life.

Often, most of our troubles and lifelong struggles come from our childhood. It comes back to how we were raised and the people we were around when we were young. Few people know how to understand and overcome their family karma, and it can limit us from getting the life we desire and deserve.

It’s not easy living in the world when you know your parents messed you up. As a child, it can create a lot of fear, anxiety, and worry when you don’t know what it’s like to be nurtured or loved, and when you don’t have good role models to help you grow up. It’s a scar that never goes away and burns deep inside. Although blocking those memories out of your mind is easy, it does not solve the underlying problem or help restore you to your naturally balanced and happy state.

I searched for help my whole childhood. I tried to find a solution to my health issues, and yearned to get out of my loud, angry house. Growing up, I was a sensitive child and suffered many health problems and emotional issues. My body carried pain, my digestion never worked, and my stomach constantly ached. I had bad allergies, couldn’t eat a lot of food, and I’d cry often because of my empathetic nature.

No one listened when I cried, and I’d often get told to shut up and stop expressing my emotions. I won’t lie or evade the truth when I say my childhood sucked. Living with two parents who argued, yelled, and refused to help their own child be happy caused me to close down in many ways.

When a child can’t feel safe or loved within their home, they develop all sorts of limiting beliefs and false perceptions about reality. What you say to a kid, and how you treat them, stays with them forever. A child’s mind can get trapped if trauma happens at a young age, and they get no support to heal the wounds that were caused. Those past thoughts and memories continue to live within them.

Healing your family karma and dealing with your family issues is the hardest, soulful lesson you will ever learn. It takes great courage to want to grow out of the way past generations did things, and to create positive changes for your own well-being. You are born to be yourself, and that does not mean you have to end up like your parents; however, it’s up to you to know what that means, beyond the conditioning you were taught.

When I began studying holistic sciences, yoga, the mind, and more, I realized that every problem I had growing up was a direct result of the two people I was told to love the most. That childhood trauma lived inside my cells, and my whole body and life was affected because of how those parents treated me, and how they dealt with their divorce. The root cause of my health issues were from what happened in my younger years, the broken heart I had, and was something medicine could not fix.

It’s true things happen for a reason, however, it is also true we all have a choice in how we treat each other, and whether we promote love, or destroy with fear. Children and their bodies and minds are affected by what they see and hear—and how they interpret what happens.

It has taken years to step out of my family conditioning and learn to set real boundaries with all my family members. After many yoga classes, detoxes, solo journeys, books, and people, I can say my pain has passed, but I don’t know if my tears will ever go away.

Dealing with emotions take time, and learning to no longer suppress them is how I healed. Not knowing what it’s like to have a family, and never having a happy childhood, is downright depressing. We can’t ignore the past, because it affects the present and future. It is only through the wound we liberate ourselves and help ourselves recover from the past trauma.

Though I used to think running from my issues and building my own life would make me happy, I realized that although you can run, hide, blame, and pretend you’re a victim (or not a victim), you cannot heal until you reach a place inside where the past, and your parents, no longer affect you. Holding those emotions, or bad energy, toward anyone or yourself means you’re not in a fully loving state yet.

it’s everyone’s individual journey to find the strength inside to overcome childhood scars. We must all be willing to resolve our karma, and the unloving aspects of ourselves, if we ever want peace. We’re not totally back to our naturally joyful self until we allow ourselves to be free of the harmful emotions, negativity, and judgmental aspects of our personality—and that of others. Overcoming our karma, helps our family heal, and allows us to see with loving eyes.

Believe me, conquering our own wounds is no easy task. It really isn’t fair that the new generations of people are dealing with the same misfortunes of broken homes, lost parents, and wanting internally to be deeply satisfied with real loving relationships. We all must learn to find it in ourselves and overcome what past generations have created.

The younger generations are more conscious and caring. It’s up to us to build a better world, create more loving families, and be real role models. We all hold the same fears of losing love, ending up like our parents, or never getting the life we imagined. Every soul was born with the opportunity to live happily. It’s people that have forgotten how to be kind, love one another, and actually help this world become better.

It is possible to free yourself from the past, get rid of the pain, and evolve beyond your childhood.

We can no longer allow our past to rob us of our present. We all only have each other to survive. Everyone has the opportunity to heal their family karma, step out of their gene pool, and reform themselves so that they really no longer live with whatever issues they were born into. To heal, we must get in touch with our body, be willing to change our mind, and dismantle negative and limiting beliefs. With awareness of ourselves and knowledge, we can learn to live more peacefully, and fully let go of the past—and people who once hurt us.

All love is cultivated on the inside. Though our parents may not know what that is, we can take steps to find it within. It is up to all of us to learn what that means, and be willing to feel great inside ourselves, and no longer carry the greed, hate, anger, and silly ways of the past.

With understanding, you can learn how to love your family, and move out of ignorance, overcome karma, and really know how to love yourself, and everyone around.




Author: Kali Bliss
Image: Author’s Own
Editor: Travis May

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