June 13, 2017

Captivated yet Free. {Poem}


When we are not our thoughts,

we are with the world
and the people in it.

We are open to seeing
the magnificent nature of
a single blade of grass
amongst a field of green
and brown and yellow.

Beneath a vast sky
with clouds that drift by
and inspire us to do the same
with our floating mind.

For when we are free
of cloudy clutter,

We are available
to take a chance
at entering this moment
with a new paintbrush,
tapped in fresh paint
against a blank canvas.

We wait and watch
as life shimmers in
waves and shapes,
in colors and sounds,
textures, and flavors
with vibrancy
that call for our attention.

And as we pause
to sit and stay awhile
in the space between our thoughts—

captivates us
as we capture it.




Author: Ayami Yamamichi
Image: Alyssa Kibiloski/Unsplash
Editor: Taia Butler

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