June 9, 2017

This Plant has the Potential to Heal Open Wounds.

All it takes is one experience.

One intimate and trusting experience with a healing plant ally to heal the body.

After this, we are forever opened up to the enchanting and abundant realm of naturopathy, alternative medicine, and plant extract remedies.

It remains a mysterious wonder that most indigenous wisdom of plant medicine has been and continues to be suppressed. The typical doctor trained in Western medicine cannot recommend healing plant allies, as there is not sufficient scientific research to support this buried wisdom.

I have experienced this first-hand. When I was a teenager, in the height of the hormonal waves of puberty, I suffered from several large and painful wounds that were side effects of a topical lotion I had been prescribed for acne.

The doctors had no advice or guidance for me except to discontinue use of the powerful drug and to apply antibiotic ointment.

My self-image and sense of hope were shattered. No matter what topical antibiotic ointments I applied, I hardly experienced any healing. Western medicine had no answers for me, so I turned to uncovering indigenous wisdom.

I read about the magical healing powers of Calendula officinalis, a beautiful yellow-orange flower native to Southern Europe, known for centuries to be one of the most beneficial wound-healing agents to date.

Calendula is an antimicrobial wound-healing agent that has the potential to serve as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant according to Dr. Matthew J. Leach of the University of Australia. Along with all of these beautiful properties, Calendula is also extremely cost-effective, as well as easy to apply and remove.

I hurried to my local apothecary and purchased Calendula cream and began trusting the gentle plant extract to heal my body. Within days, I could feel and see my skin repairing and harmonizing. Within weeks, my wounds were completely cleared, and I had little to no scarring.

It was from this moment in my life that I became receptive to the realm of plant medicine, and I haven’t turned away since. The memories of the healing process remain palpable as ever: the experience was gentle, painless, and rapid enough to be respected as magic—all from a natural ally that grows in the soil and is fed by the sun and water.

Overall, this magic ally is a “most favorable wound-healing agent” according to traditional and laboratory evidence.

In truth, there are many plants that can protect, nourish, and heal us in countless different forms. Calendula is a gracious, abundant gift in the plant kingdom that can naturally heal dermatological disorders, sometimes even more effectively than other options provided by modern medicine.

I do not mean to discredit Western medicine or negate its value with this information. Rather, my intention is to simply help others experience similar healing effects and unleash the enchanting realm of plant medicine through sharing my personal experience with the healing plant ally of Calendula.~



Author: Monique Meadows
Image: Pixabay
Editor: Callie Rushton

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