July 7, 2017

A Powerful Mantra for July’s Full Moon to Enhance Love & Attraction.

On July 8th (or July 9th, depending on your time zone),
the moon will appear full in the evening sky.

Moonbeams offer the perfect scene for setting intentions, and the glow from this lunation invites us to focus on attracting love and abundance.

However, before we can work on manifesting our heart’s desires, there is a clearing process that first needs to be carried out, in order to to sweep out the old and make way for the new.

Under this full moon, the clearing processes to be worked on are the emotional attachments we have subconsciously created, and also the beliefs we hold that keep us stock in old, limiting ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

To attract the kind of love and abundance that we know we want, we have to do more than just think about it; we have to deeply and wholeheartedly believe that we deserve whatever it is we want. Therefore, there is inner work to be done, and this involves unlearning and deleting the old stories that silently play on repeat—and then to replace them with up-to-date versions that match what we currently wish to manifest.

Too many of us forget our worth and focus instead on our flaws, faults, and insecurities. Instead of generating abundance, we unknowingly remain in a state of lack, which means we fail to receive the opportunities, possibilities, and options that swirl around us at all times.

Every thought we have can directly impact how we feel, particularly if we relentlessly focus on it. When we clear negative and limiting thoughts from our minds, we instantly clear away the tension they have created within our energy bodies, which can also accumulate in our physical bodies as aches and pains.

One way to cleanse and clear our minds is through mantras, as they not only help us to clear the residue from old beliefs, but they also effectively support the creation of new ones.

Spoken words carry an energetic charge and vibration, and when they are positive, they vibrate on a high frequency. These vibrations resonate within our cells, causing our bodies and minds to receive powerful healing. Just by speaking high-frequency, positive words—we can calm, re-balance, motivate, re-energize, and re-charge ourselves.

Mantras are sequences of words that are able to lift our energetic vibration to a higher level, which then allows us to vibrate on a high frequency and effortlessly magnetize whatever we are hoping to attract.

In many ways, mantras are the process of planting seeds in our minds that have the opportunity to blossom when nourished regularly with belief, focus, will, and dedication.

We cannot simply say a mantra and hope that our intention will manifest if we do not fully believe in what we are saying, as well as working on re-arranging our thoughts, feelings, and lifestyles to support the new affirmation.

Buddhists regularly chant mantras as part of meditation practice and to affirm intentions. Mantras, also known as incantations, are believed to evoke the essence of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and to attain Buddhahood.

There are many other reasons that Buddhists chant, including: to awaken, to receive divine protection, for good fortune, health, vitality, and happiness, to bring forth wisdom, to enhance compassion, and to realize enlightenment.

Buddhists not only chant mantras, but they also view them in written form and chant them silently to attain the blessings and receive the same benefits that mantras offer when spoken or sung.

Mantras are believed to have transformational powers, particularly when repeated with mindfulness and focused intention.

Chanting mantras on the full moon is highly recommended, as full moons are the optimum time for letting go of what no longer serves us and opening a pathway for the new.

All mantras have different meanings—and they are not only chanted by Buddhists, as Hindus, Kundalini yogis, and many other different religions and disciplines also use them at the heart of their practices.

The one I regularly choose to chant when the moon is visibly full in the evening sky is the one-word Kleem mantra, which is believed to evoke the essence of Lord Kamadeva, the Hindu god of human love and sensual desire, also known as the “Indian Cupid.”

The mantra is chanted with focus on three seeds, which are the letters K, L, and M. When chanting “Kleeemmmmmmmm,” focus resonance on the last letter, M, for the longest period of time.

This mantra is ideal for heart-opening rituals, in which we intend for our vibration to rise and to attract and radiate loving-kindness, abundance, affection, magnetism, tenderness, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude.

I sit under the full moon when the sky is dark—not long after the sun has set—and I take with me:

>> A candle (Pink is preferable, as it is signifies love, harmony, and romance.)

>> Sage, incense, and a fireproof bowl

>> Rose quartz or any pink crystal (optional)

>> A mat to sit on

I light the candle and sage. I then sit under the moon, place the crystal in front of me, and—with my hands in prayer position—I close my eyes and repeat the mantra above.

Although many people have a set number for repeating mantras, and this Kleem mantra is recommended to be repeated 108 times, I personally find that I absorb the mantras, and they have more effect, when I relax into the practice and do what resonates with me at the time.

Sometimes, I’ll repeat mantras 10 times—or sometimes, 110 times, depending on how I feel and also whether or not the mantra is one that I will easily accept (or whether it is a belief-changing mantra that needs more focus and determination).

When I have finished repeating the mantra, I raise my arms to the moon, and offer out gratitude. I then burn incense to close the ceremony, and I remain in a peaceful state, with my thoughts focused on the intention of the mantra.

Whenever I am hoping to attract something new to my life, I continue to repeat this mantra each night—whenever possible, chanting it outdoors—until the next new moon.



Author: Alex Myles
Image: Flickr/Dafne CholetFlickr/Poisoned_Pics_Photography
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy editor: Danielle Beutell
Social editor: Lindsey Block

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