July 18, 2017

Are you a Good Woman or a Nice Girl?

A nice girl doesn’t speak up for what she wants, while a good woman names her desires clearly.

Nice girls don’t have opinions or won’t share them because they want to be liked, whereas a good woman will speak her truth, no matter what others might think.

Nice girls focus on their appearance as the most important thing while good women recognize that beauty is deeper than looks.

That’s not to say a good woman doesn’t care about her appearance, but she realizes that it is the least interesting thing about her.

Nice girls use sex as a weapon and will withhold it to draw a man in and give it to keep him. Good women realize that sex is not a tool to manipulate, but an experience to be shared and enjoyed.

Nice girls are polite at all costs but a good woman knows when to fight back.

A nice girl gives her power to her partner and makes him responsible for her happiness. Good women realize that happiness is an inside job.

Nice girls lose themselves in relationships but good women maintain their sense of self and boundaries even when they are in love.

Nice girls will adopt their man’s hobbies to be liked by him. A good woman may accompany him on his outings but will not pretend to like something just to make him happy.

Nice girls use their feelings as weapons to get what they want; good women share their feelings openly and take ownership of them.

A nice girl will present a façade to catch a man and will go back to who she really is when she’s got him. A good woman knows that a relationship built on illusion is sure to fail and presents herself authentically, knowing the right man will love her for who she is.

Nice girls play by the rules; good women toss the rules aside.

Nice girls make the pursuit of their “Mrs” degree the most important thing; a good woman welcomes love and connection but realizes that there is more to life than being partnered.

Nice girls center their lives around romance while good women see romance as a welcome “side,” not the main course of life.

Nice girls deny their hunger (I’ll just have a salad), but a good woman embraces her appetite (in physical nourishment and beyond).

A nice girl does what looks right or what makes her look good. A good woman follows her conscience and does what feels right.

A nice girl adopts the general consensus while the good woman is strong in her own standards, morals, and integrity.

A nice girl fears her anger; a good woman embraces her ferocity.

A nice girl denies her darkness; a good woman has not only made peace with her darkness—she embraces it.

A nice girl wants to be accepted; a good woman wants to be authentic and will not sacrifice herself to be loved.

Nice girls do what is expected of them; good women are honest and shake the status quo.

Nice girls are concerned with how they look and how they are viewed; a good woman is concerned with her integrity.

Nice girls are doormats and quickly lose others’ respect. Good women have standards and boundaries that they hold others to.

Nice girls, like Nice Guys ™ are not bad people—they are people who have their own pain journeys and have adopted behaviors they think are helpful, but are actually harmful.

If you find yourself in the “nice girl” description, it’s not too late to transform into a good woman. Find support, a sisterhood of good women, and begin the journey.

It is never too late to become who you were meant to be.


Author: Lisa Vallejos
Image: Wikipedia
Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Copy Editor: Travis May
Social Editor: Yoli Ramazzina





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