July 23, 2017

You don’t Know Me. {Poem}


You don’t know me.

Maybe we’ve met or spoken.
Maybe you have read what I write.

Maybe you only know what it is that I do for you, that I love you, that I care.
But you don’t know me.

You know the man determined to live by the simple and incredibly difficult intentions of love and gratitude,
but you don’t know why he loves so deeply or what it is that he is ever so grateful for.

You know the man who shares his heart openly.
Who is unafraid to admit that he cries as much as he laughs,
but you don’t know what it is that would make him happy
or why it is he cries at night.

You know the man who is generous to a fault,
but you don’t know that his son tells him,
“Dad, focus on yourself. You seem to focus on everyone except yourself.”
You don’t know why you come first.
Even his son doesn’t.

You know the man determined to change himself and his world,
but you don’t know why he is so determined.
Who he was before the change
and why it’s so important for him to change.

You know this man only because of what he does for you.

I could tell you that he goes without food for weeks in order to be sure that you don’t.
That he falls four months behind on rent to be sure you have what you need
or why his landlord is okay with this.

You know the man who will always be there for you,
no matter what,
but you don’t know how he cries for you when you are afraid
or when you feel as alone as he does.

You don’t know where or when I was born,
what towns I grew up in,
my favorite foods or colors.
You don’t even know my middle name.

I could tell you these things but you still wouldn’t know me.

It’s okay.
I don’t know you either.

You know what you need to know.

You know that you are loved.



Author:  J.M. Greff
Image: Jake Davies/Unsplash
Editor: Taia Butler
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron
Social Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

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