August 9, 2017

A Poem for those who Long to be Seen & Understood.


My best friend of 15 years gave me a great book for my birthday last year, and it happened to be one that I had already read.

Being my best friend, she knew that, but felt that it may be just what I needed, again. As I re-read the book, The Untethered Soul, I began writing a poem about something that I discuss with my friend often.

She’s the person I call when I need to talk about feeling inadequate, like I’m not enough, or like my life is never enough, or that my accomplishments or goals don’t measure up. I feel that way a lot, and writing about it or talking it through with my bestie helps my soul grow and heal.

To realize that I don’t have to hold a high career position or become anything more than I already am in order to be loved, feel like enough, or be at peace, is exactly what I need in those moments.

The proverbial walls that we tend to build around our hearts—whether from past hurts, trauma, or grief—can often prevent us from letting people in or opening up to love or new friendships. Even within the best of relationships, there are times when forgiveness, space, and forward movement are necessary, as we all let one another down at some point.

Our fear of being hurt, yet again, or of the struggle of needing to repair and heal from pain, may act as a barrier to what we truly seek, which often is simply more love or the desire to be understood. Many of us travel through this world attempting to deal with everything on our own, trying to become completely self-reliant, needing no one else to lift us up or encourage us. What I’ve found in doing this is that I actually do need the support of others in my life who I can lean on when my own strength is sapped.

I’m not sure anyone truly desires to feel alone as we navigate this life, and it seems that we could all use a little more support.

This is the poem that came from that particular shift in perception—thanks to my best friend and her gift.


House Of Walls

You’ve built a house,
a house of walls
decorated with thoughts
and memories,
decorated with
all that you hope to be,
stories of your past
and hopes for a future
of your own sweet design.
Upon your walls,
you’ve hung
every conception
of what makes up
who you are,
who they are.
You’ve learned to
describe yourself
using titles,
roles you’ve filled,
labels and accolades.
You’ve explained your life away
by listing accomplishments,
achievements, contracts,
certificates of success,
institutions you’ve joined,
names of people who surround you,
philosophies you’ve subscribed to,
possessions you’ve owned,
purchases you’ve made,
places you’ve lived.
You’ve built
this house of walls
around your heart
to protect your sense
of “Self”
when asked
what it’s all for
or who you are
beyond all of these
and wall hangings.
Shall we step outside
of your house of thoughts,
take a jaunt
into the unknown,
where words and labels
do no justice
to the vast,
of effortless awareness?
For every wall
eventually falls,
as impermanence
would suggest.



Author: Tina Picz Devoe
Image: Lucas Pimenta/Unsplash
Editor: Nicole Cameron
Copy Editor: Catherine Monkman
Social Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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