August 7, 2017

How to Find the Life-Giving Rhythm of Meditation. {Video}

There’s a rhythm to meditation practice.

When you get in sync with that rhythm, it generates coherence, beauty, and clarity in your daily life.

But, getting in sync won’t happen on its own.

Our own habits of mindlessness and the distracting pull of the ever-present screens degrade attentional focus and fragment the mind. It takes a conscious commitment to find and align with the rhythm of meditation.



This nano-teaching is drawn from a recent month-long program offered to the Wisdom Heart Community (which is open to everyone).

During that month, we strengthened our commitment and discovered how to align our lives with the rhythm of meditation.

Highlights from this teaching:

>> When you get into the rhythm of meditation practice, it gets into you. You need to start it up…but once you get in the groove, the rhythm will take you.

>> Weave the practice into the pattern of your day. Keep that rhythm going, day in and day out, until you can’t not do it.

>> Intensity is the secret sauce of spiritual developmentIntensity isn’t straining. It’s not a “no pain, no gain” thing either. Intensity, in spiritual practice, is being profoundly, joyously absorbed in what you’re doing.

Enjoy the dance as you find your rhythm!


Author: Eric Klein
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