August 25, 2017

Put Your F*cking Phone Down, Namaste.

I am a seasoned yoga teacher now living in Los Angeles.

In the 17 months that I’ve been here, I have witnessed and experienced some cray-cray yoga sh*t (yoga cults, yoga groupies, celebrities in class, a woman claiming a birdcage on her head opened her “9th gate,” naked plastic surgery enhanced “models” with low self-esteem, Instagram photo shoots, the list goes on).

Recently, I taught a class during which someone busted out their phone and scrolled through their social media feeds. In class. On their yoga mat. While class was in session.

The room was dimly lit while gentle music trickled in—and there she was. Bright smart phone screen all aglow. My heart sank. What the f*ck, yoga community?

I felt like I was in a “Twilight Zone” episode where it was weird to expect people to do the right thing.

Before each class, I announce that students should shut and put away their phones. I just assumed this was appreciated, common-knowledge.

Class is an opportunity to unplug, detach, and clear our proverbial dry-erase board. It’s a time to reset, restore, and recharge. I couldn’t understand why someone would come to class and not want to enjoy technology-free tranquility as well.

Here’s the deal, everyone reading this: it’s not okay to be on your phone in a yoga class.

Put your phones away. Don’t worry—they’ll be there after class, ready to deliver your social media fix. The I.V. drip of validation and naked/almost naked yoga photos will still be there.

Avocado artfully displayed. Some sad woman in a thong, perfectly applied makeup, and leg warmer. “Super spiritual” people poolside in Beverly Hills. Botox-filled yoginis with “accidental cleavage.”

It’ll all be there. So set the phone aside and get into down dog.

It’s all you need to do for now.

Author: Anna Maria Giambanco
Image: Youtube still
Editor: Danielle Beutell
Copy Editor: Travis May
Social Editor: Catherine Monkman

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