September 9, 2017

Most Arthritis & Osteoporosis is Preventable & Curable—and has been since 1968.

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As a Medicine Buddha practitioner, it is a great delight for me to write about the “precious medicine,” boron. 

I started suffering from arthritis pain in my early 20s during my hippie days in the late 1960s. After suffering for 34 years from arthritis, I was unable to walk two blocks without extreme pain in 2009.

But, the pain disappeared completely in 2010 when I started taking nine milligrams of boron daily, along with vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium. Within three months, I was once again able to run at full speed for kilometers! These days, I do 1.5 hours of ecstatic dance every Sunday at the local Dance Temple with no pain at all.

I participate in a graduate discussion group hosted by Dr. Rodney Herring in Materials Science at the University of Victoria in Canada. Among our members, several of us started experimenting informally on ourselves and friends suffering from arthritis with boron since 2010. I was the first to experiment, and it cured my arthritis. Dr. Herring experimented next and reported:

“Playing squash for several decades left my feet in bad shape. X-rays showed obliteration of joints by arthritis and sclerosis that severely hurt my feet with any touch or applied pressure including walking. Taking boron, group five element on the periodic table, at 10 mg/day for two to three months cured me of the pain in my feet’s joints. Boron also cured a chronic pain in my hip and some arthritis in my fingers. Boron extends my youthful health into old age!”

So far, 90 percent of our brave “guinea pigs” have become free of arthritis in only one to three months depending on their age. Why is this investigation not part of mainstream medicine? The cure has been suppressed, says the inventor Dr. Rex Newnham, because pharmaceutical companies make half their profits from treating arthritis. Boron is almost free and cannot be patented.

What is Boron?

Boron is the number five element in the set of natural elements in the universe, as shown on the scientific periodic table. Most people know boron from its salt, called borax, which has been used in goldsmithing and to improve the cleaning of clothes for thousands of years.

Boron is available in three-milligram pill format in most health food stores in North America. Six to nine milligrams daily, along with magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D often cures both Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis and prevents Osteoporosis. These are best described as “boron deficiency diseases.” This has been known since 1968 when it was discovered in Australia by Dr. Rex Newnham.

The Discovery and Suppression of the Cure.

Dr. Rex E. Newnham Ph.D., DO, ND, was also a soil scientist in the late 1960s in Australia. His background in plant sciences showed that boron is important in plant physiology for the assimilation of calcium. He suffered from arthritis, and he wondered if supplements of boron might help humans. In his own words Rex says:

“So I took 30 milligrams (mg) of borax (sodium tetraborate) twice daily, this was six mg of elemental boron a day, and in a week, the pain was less—in ten days, the pain was less. In three weeks, the pain, swelling, and stiffness had all gone, so I stopped taking the borax. A year later the pain and swelling returned, so I took more borax, and in two weeks, all was right again.”

Rex told people at the local university—and medical people as well—but no one was interested. He then self-manufactured 100,000 bottles of boron pills and cured many cases of arthritis.

Unfortunately, Rex contacted a pharmaceutical company in Australia to manufacture the pills in large quantities. It turns out that pharmaceutical companies made half their profits for treating arthritis. These companies had connections in the Australian government, and they had boron classified as a major poison. (In reality, the toxicity of borax is about the same as table salt!)

Rex was fined and almost sent to prison because of newly crafted Australian legislation. That was the beginning of the suppression which killed his business. The suppression continues—and in Europe, the sale of boron products, such as household borax is already forbidden! We need to take political action to prevent this from happening in North America!

Environmental Evidence.

After his business was ruined, Dr. Newnham travelled to about 200 countries worldwide in the 1980s, where he found a consistent connection between levels of boron in the soil where food is grown and the incidence of arthritis.

In Israel and Carnarvon Australia, where boron is abundant in the soil, arthritis is found in only 0.5 percent of the population. He devoted the remainder of his life to proving that arthritis and osteoporosis were both preventable and curable. Others are continuing the work worldwide in alternative medicine research.

Health Canada and Boron Knowledge.

Health Canada is the Canadian Equivalent of the FDA. You can read quite a bit about boron from the Health Canada website. The science shown there suggests boron may be effective in bone maintenance, because it is a catalyst for the calcium/magnesium balance. Its use prevents calcium loss or osteoporosis.

The Canadian study points out that some cancers can be prevented with boron supplementation. I commend them for their research work, but Health Canada is backing away from investigating boron any further. Why would our government regulators back away from investigating boron when it could substantially lower the cost of socialized medicine in Canada?

Additional Beneficial Uses for Boron.

Boron also increases the levels of sex hormones, and boron supplementation can prevent “hot flashes” in menopausal women. Some men claim it has cured them of erectile disfunction. Often borax is used for research and therapy. That’s the mineral mined in California and advertised on the 1960s show “Death Valley Days.” Further research in Romania has shown it can be used as a chemotherapy/chemopreventive agent for cancer. The only known side effect is the elimination of arthritis!

Political Action is Needed.

The goal of “engaged Buddhism” is the prevention of suffering. With the simple knowledge of boron, billions of people worldwide can be prevented from suffering. There needs to be a grass roots movement that takes political action in Canada, the United States, and worldwide!

Helping Ourselves.

I encourage anyone who suffers from arthritis or osteoporosis to visit your health food store and give boron a try. For “do it yourself” folk, with careful and precise work, you can also make your own boron supplements from household borax almost for free. That’s the right price in many developing countries! I recommend most people on this continent purchase the inexpensive pills. Making your own is a careful process requiring a precise balance.

Learning More.

You can find links to all of the relevant technical and scientific information in both written and YouTube formats in my author’s bio below. You will also get a sneak preview of the further health benefits of boron there.

Boron needs to be treated with caution: as with all medicines, please stay in the recommended dose range.

Alternatively, click here to read the research.




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