October 22, 2017

7 Signs you’re a Modern Earthly Goddess.

For years, I have been compiling information, observations, and qualities in my mind from women who have made a bold impact on me.

Women who have made their mark on my soul by embodying, what I consider to be the “Modern Earthly Goddess.”

For both men and women, when we move toward more self-awareness and personal growth, we are all working on similar issues—love, kindness, balance, authenticity, honesty, and purpose to name a few.

However, as a female, I have been struck by some amazing qualities that I recognize in other women which seem to lead toward personal integration, connection, and unity.

When we find wholeness in ourselves, it translates out to positively affect our relationships and our interactions with the greater world. Creating wholeness within also leads to exuding these larger values.

These qualities are already in all of us. They are not external concepts to be sought. But for many of us, they are internally dormant and undeveloped in this lifetime. They are part of our soul, what we are born with, and what we have forgotten as we’ve been socialized into this world.

Goddesses awaken these dormant qualities and become alive in a more vibrant all-encompassing way. They make living in grace look easy, because in some sense, it is easy.

What’s so challenging about embodying the qualities we were inherently born with—the qualities of our own divinity? But many humans seem to forget who they really are. Goddesses live in grace because they are willing to re-learn, to throw away societal expectations that don’t serve their larger purpose and connect back to their intuitive nature.

They are coming back to wholeness for themselves. The intention is not for any external person or situation, and there is no outcome or end goal in mind—only to emit peace and love. They are simply moving toward unity to feel more comfortable in their bodies, more serene in their minds, and more deeply connected with their souls.

Here’s how to recognize a Modern Earthly Goddess:

She’s self-aware and personally reflective:

Goddesses have already done a lot of personal work. What makes them fully empowered and softly in grace is that they are always continuing to work on themselves. They know evolution is limitless and continue to be more present, more loving, more genuine, and more on purpose. The art of being present slows down impulsive reactions so they can move and act more thoughtfully and compassionately.

She channels her emotions for growth:

The incredible power we can harness from raw emotion is almost inconceivable. So often, we let emotions take over our bodies and our minds—and consequently, these emotions overpower us. But, when we tap into the power of emotions and channel that power toward goodness and positive change, it’s amazing how much strength and power we generate.

I see this in goddesses when they are completely taken with emotion, but remain grounded, centered, and responsible for their actions. Their soul uses the emotional charge to go into action, to take care of themselves well, take care of others, and kindly stand strong for what they believe in.

She feels whole:

I’ve heard many times that when we are full, complete, and whole on our own, there is no need to rely on external factors. But, when we haven’t developed ourselves in the ways we want, we are magnetically drawn to people, places, and things that have the qualities we seek. Without a specific quality in our being, seeking another with it creates a sort of off-centered balance. This, in turn, creates an unstable and unhealthy reliance—when we are with that other person or experience, we feel whole. But when we are not, we feel in lack or depleted.

Goddesses develop the full spectrum of qualities they seek, so they have all the balance and wholeness they need within themselves. They are not dependent on anything or anyone, and the connections they choose simply become extra bonuses of goodness.

She embraces and embodies both masculine and feminine energy.

We all need a balance of yin and yang energy to feel whole and complete on our own. Many professionally successful women have learned to live and thrive in their masculine energy, without equally developing their feminine energy.

They live in their power, take initiative, thinking pragmatically, and are independent brilliant beings. And on the flipside, they are soft, nurturing, self-loving, compassionate, and intuitively connected. They know when to take action and pursue, and when to sit back and let things come to them. They thrive in relationship with themselves and with others. They stand up for what they believe in and know how to compassionately compromise.

She experiences magic all around her:

Magic and miracles are all around us all of the time. It’s a choice to see them, experience them, and bathe in that miraculous energy. So much of life is about attitude and perspective; Goddesses choose to the benefit and potential in all situations. Tuning into this vibration is a practice which heightens with dedication and practice. Goddesses experience synchronicities, signs, and magic regularly and we can see it by the sparkle in their eye.

She feels her feelings:

While goddesses choose happiness and a positive perspective regularly, they are also okay with experiencing and sitting with their feelings when sadness, grief, anger, or other less pleasant feelings come up. They know that all situations and related emotions come to teach us lessons and ultimately help us evolve, so embracing them is crucial to moving forward.

Goddesses accept their wide range of emotions, feel into them, and feel through them as they change to understand what purpose they are meant to serve. Goddesses take time to find the meaning, communicate clearly and thoughtfully, and let the learning process advance their soul.

She loves her body, mind, and heart:

In a culture with so much body shaming, comparison, body image issues, and eating disorders, goddesses navigate around that messaging. They love, embrace, and nurture their bodies, minds, and hearts without reverting to self-criticism or negative self-talk. By embodying purity, love, and grace, they honor their bodies, minds, and hearts as their personal temples.

Ultimately, what we recognize in others is also present within us. We are empowered to tap in to those respected and desired qualities and step away from our destructive behaviors.

As for me? I am committed to bringing the qualities of a “Modern Earthly Goddess” into the forefront of my life and radiating them out into the world, so I can show up as my higher self and encourage others to do the same.

What are the qualities you most respect, honor, and want to embody? Who is the goddess to you?


Author: Alison Kate
Image: Tiko Giorgadze/Unsplash
Editor: Danielle Beutell
Copy editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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