October 2, 2017

It’s Time to get Mindful AF.

Breathe in, breathe out, now put down your phone.
I’m bringing yo’ ass to the mindfulness zone.

Not many have been here, it’s a hard path to trot.
If you think it’s impossible, I promise—it’s not.

Life is in front of you, not on a screen.
Simmer down, Carol, you can still share your memes.

There’s beauty in discipline, freedom in change.
There’s a world all around you, it’s time to engage.

It’s a balance of priorities, not black or white.
It’s reading an article before clicking “Like.”

You love fitness, I get it, you go to the gym.
But we don’t need a selfie each time you check in.

Look up at the moon, let the stars fill your bones.
We don’t need a Snapchat, we see it too, bro.

It’s eating your pasta without checking your mail.
And we don’t need a picture. #epicfail

It’s resisting temptation, it’s sitting with pain.
I promise you, friends, there is so much to gain.

It’s putting your phone down when you’re in the car.
It’s watching your children when they don’t know you are.

It’s folding your laundry with intention and breath.
It’s giving a f*ck when you have zero left.

It’s being conscious and present, it’s living out loud.
It’s making eye contact when you f**king hate crowds.

Get out of the future, let go of the past.
Just be here now, that’s your one simple task.

It’s holding space for another when they need your light.
It’s saying no to tequila—let’s be honest, you fight.

It’s choosing yoga and veggies over fast-food and gin.
It’s setting boundaries with grace, again and again.

It’s becoming an observer when fear pops in your head.
It’s choosing to breathe and stay present instead.

The proof’s in the practice, connection’s the gift.
Stay consistent and kind, and your whole world will shift.

Looking up from your deathbed, I doubt that you’ll say,
“I wish I had more time to f**k off on Facebook today.”

May this poem be of benefit, and if you ever get stuck;
Come back and re-read, but stay mindful as f*ck.


Author: Rachel Dehler
Image: Imgur
Editor: Emily Bartran
Copy Editor: Catherine Monkman

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Read 21 comments and reply

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