131 Words to Remember when Jealousy creeps in.

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The music hummed.

The candle’s flame played between us.

I sipped a drink that tasted bitter,

like jealousy,

and told you

that I am not intimidated

by the spines

of the women

on which your vision travels.

I do not own your eyes,

your heart,

or what lies between your legs.

Knowing that your true desire lies

in resting your heart

next to mine

at the end of the day

is all I need

to keep the roar in my chest

from turning to animal instinct.

Wanting to rip apart my prey,

I spit jealousy out

and swallow something more clear instead;

the question is—

is the one who spits

or the one who swallows

the one who is more rocked

by what happens between two hearts


under one sheet?



Author: Annabelle Blythe
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Nicole Cameron
Copy Editor: Catherine Monkman
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis

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About Annabelle Blythe

Annabelle Blythe is a poet, writer, and life coach from Canada who makes a living talking about the things we'd rather ignore. Her mission is to empower others to thrive in their truth, living a life devoted to joy. Her work inspires women and men of all ages to walk through this world grounded in their brilliance. Connect with Annabelle on her website, or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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