November 17, 2017

Social Media is Evil—use it for Good.

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:

In a world of bad news, social media can be a force of good.

You know your one friend who doesn’t like to watch the news because of how glum it is? Next time you see them, remind them that bad news is good because it creates awareness around what we can do to make the changes needed for a more enlightened society. Bad news is fuel for the genuine goodness of humankind to rally together and create the shifts in culture our world desperately needs.

The world needs to create more good news—but that’s up to us. Take the Women’s March and #metoo as examples of otherwise gloomy circumstances which brought together complete strangers on a unified front. Social media added kindling to the fire to fuel these movements.

Social media allows us to expose the bad in the world and illuminate our individual capability to shift a whole culture. Social media creates discussions where we can agree to disagree and break down barriers around having the tough conversations.

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