December 31, 2017

A Weathered Woman. {Poem}


I am a weathered woman
Baked by the sun
Blown by the wind
With frizzy hair drenched in the rain.

All of this is shown on me.
How else is there to be?

Is the coyote coat not tattered?
Is the tortoise shell peeling and broken?
And what of the birds dropping feathers?

I have lived a life out of doors
And it has been everything.

I am a weathered woman.
The lines on my face
The freckles on my skin
Will show you this.

This way of being
I carry it all within me.
The rain and the rocks
The sun and the shadows
The moonlight and the night sky full of stars
The plants that smell so sweet in the morning dew
And the animals whose eyes are piercingly true. 

I am a weathered woman.
Truly, how else is there to be?



You are my Person. {Poem}


Author: Mandy Wild
Image: Unsplash
Editor: Angel Lebailly
Copy Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Social Editor: Lindsey Block


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