December 22, 2017

You are my Person. {Poem}

I believe that everyone needs that one person.

Someone who is there ready to anchor them, just in case they drift dangerously close to the edge.

You are my person, the one who stirs me. The one who, despite seeing me a little bit broken, never falters and always stays.

It was no coincidence that we found one another. Synchronicity and serendipity were comrades on our side.

It was the most natural of connections, you and I. Pulled together by a powerful magnetising force that somehow must have just known.

Instantaneously, I fell insanely hard for you—and although I’m an enigma-complicated person and a tangled mess, you easily unraveled me and fell hard and fast for me too.

You have wounds and battle scars too, but underneath there is a soft, tender, and fierce loyalty—and your outer layers are wildfire-warrior strong.

You have patience, wisdom, integrity, and a mesmerising calmness that seeps deep into the depth of my bones and soothes my soul.

We’ve both made mistakes, hurt one another, got words jumbled up, and have said or done chaotic things—but it’s pushed us to understand that there are much better ways to love. We’ve forgiven, forgotten, and cared enough to resurrect and recover our hearts from the ashes each time they were bruised and almost drifted away.

We are both stubborn, rebellious, free-spirited souls; but still, we are learning and unlearning, changing, stretching, transforming, and growing—and though we are fragile, we are also fearless and are slowly figuring out each other’s mysterious language of love.

You are a rare, enchanting miracle who showed up in my life right when I needed you most. You have taught me to believe again, and you’ve given me faith to know that when storms stop by we will always find courage and strength.

With your naked vulnerability, I have thawed and found my way to trust again. I’ve discovered how beautiful it is to lean on someone other than myself.

With our 3:00 a.m. whispers, skin touching skin, and hips pressing close, I know—without any doubt—that near to you is the place I am meant to be.

Day after day—through all of our struggles, our highs, through the tears, laughter, obstacles, and pain—you show me what it means to feel fully alive. You choose me. And, I—with every piece of me, in all of our lifetimes—will always choose every piece of you.

You are my person—my strange and indefinable someone, my eternal life-mate, my one. In this crazy, mixed up, muddled up world, the only thing I am sure of is that you and I are destined, written, forever bonded, and intricately interwoven soul to soul.



I Love the Way You Love Me.


Author: Alex Myles
Image: Flickr/Madalena Pestana
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy editor: Travis May
Social editor: Waylon Lewis

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Read 15 comments and reply

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