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This Baby Boomer’s Comedy Songs are going Viral—and I’m Obsessed.

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I’d never even heard of Lauren Mayer before, but I found myself asking how soon is too soon to be absolutely (figuratively) obsessed, and want everyone to see something.

Tonight as I was surfing Facebook, I was intrigued by a video in my news feed.

The freeze-frame showed a colourfully dressed woman at a piano with a full bookshelf behind her. “Sexual Harassment Prevention Song.” At first I was a bit nervous to click, because these sorts of things can really go either way, and sometimes they can be polarizing. I trust the friend who posted the video though, so I watched:

When the song finished I was smiling so big, that I had to watch more.

I think I spent about an hour watching her YouTube channel. While the majority of her work makes fun of Trump (including a cover of Meghan Trainor’s Lips are Movin’), she’s also got one about her crush on a basketball player, a middle-aged Jewish mother rap song, and a hilarious ode to Meryl Streep’s epic Golden Globe speech.

I love when “unlikely” things go viral. On Lauren’s Facebook page she recently posted: “Who says middle-aged baby boomers can’t achieve social media fame?” To that I say, “You go girl!” (and my Elephant Academy alumni heart leaps into the air and fist-pumps).

Below, I’m sharing my top three current favourite Lauren videos. They’re relevant, timely, and fun. If you’re not the kind of person who appreciates poking fun at politics or recent events, she’s probably not for you, though.

Need a Net Neutrality refresher?

The aforementioned Meghan Trainor Trump parody:

And as if her political comedic relief weren’t enough, I have a deep-seated love for the way she put haters in their place here:


My mom and I are cut from the same cloth comedically. (That’s not a word, but you know what I mean, right?) We’re the ones who dance up and down the grocery store aisles causing shenanigans (and a good many strange looks). This woman is right up our alley, so maybe you’ll feel the same.

In a world that seems to be going crazier by the minute, we’re certainly in desperate need of some levity, real-talk, and music to brighten our days. I appreciate music, and I appreciate comedy—but musical comedy with a purpose? I’m in love.

Thanks, Lauren.


Author/Editor: Jen Schwartz
Image: YouTube
Copy Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Social Editor:Callie Rushton

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About Jen Schwartz

Jen Schwartz is a joy seeker/sharer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Made mostly of heart, she is a procurer of positive thoughts and lover of the (extra)ordinary. Jen is particularly passionate about people, connection, words, and song. You’ll often find her correcting grammar in things publicly displayed, thanking the sun for shining, or pointing out lyric references in everyday conversation. Connect with her on Facebook.


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