December 15, 2017

To Those of us who are finally Following our Intuition. {Poem}

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We thought we should resist it—our life.

We thought we should ignore that voice inside,
and instead listen to reason
and someone else’s drive.

We thought we should say yes,
when we actually should have said no.

Now though,
we do just what feels right.

We trust this knowing
that resides inside.

And, we don’t need to fight ourselves anymore.

We used to deliberate whether our wisdom was correct—
is our vision honest and true?

But after trial and error,
not listening and proceeding anyway,
we’ve come to the conclusion
that this voice inside of us
is absolutely sure.

This gut of ours is true.

And so, we listen…

And we believe in the correctness
of first impressions,
and insights,
and whispered words from our guides…
and even those subtle notes played to us by the sea.

And a weight has lifted from us,
And much pain left our bodies too.

We’ve finally said to this self:

“I’m sorry.”

We’ve finally said to this body:

“I love you.”

As we’ve finally realized that grace and forgiveness are the same thing,
we’ve also accepted whatever harm we may have caused ourselves
for all that time and suffering when we were simply trying to live someone else’s dream.

We said, instead:
“I see you…I love you…”

We’ve finally realized that grace and forgiveness are the same thing.

We thought we should resist it—
our life.

Now though,
we do just what feels right.
We trust.

And we attempt to arrive everywhere,
and completely.



To the Lionesses: Remember that you are Wild, Strong & Free.


Author: Sarah Norrad
Image: Instagram @sarah.norrad
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy editor: Nicole Cameron
Social editor: Lindsey Block

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Sarah Norrad

Sarah Norrad was born a wild woman in the rural and rugged forests of the Nimpkish Valley, on Vancouver Island, BC. This is a place where the mountains, forests and rivers speak louder than the people. A transformational coach, certified yoga instructor, mindfulness and lay counsellor, and authoress, Sarah muses at the world through a lens steeped in mindfulness, adventure, and tenderness. Currently, she exploits the cracks in her own heart to write as a columnist at elephant journal, her busy brain to create content for others through her business and her keen spirit to sit as coach and counsellor, teaching powerful tools for success in all aspect of our lives, especially personal power. Please track down her offerings and her mindful self on elephant journal, her writer’s page or her personal Facebook, her website, Cowbird, Twitter and Instagram.