January 3, 2018

2 Poems for the Mindful Mamas with no time to Spare.

These pieces are written for parents of short crazies.

They’re especially dedicated to the mamas of toddlers with limited time on their hands—hence the poetry.

As a mama myself, I find myself longing for spiritual enlightenment and devouring Elephant Journal articles only to look up to find my daughter brushing her hair with the toilet brush…

The first is a reflection on a seashell in my bathroom that reminded me of the beauty that is present in all moments, even if the pressures of parenthood sometimes make us forget it. The second is a call for us mothers to embrace our own essence, and not hold too tightly to stress and worry.

I hope they resonate.


My Third Eye Opened, and My Kids got Fucking Shampoo in it.

Dear seashell on the side of our bath,

Look at your minuscule, infinite, logarithmic spiral representing a:

Octopus tentacle
Spider web
Human embryo
Clockwise scalp hair-whirl on baby’s head
Eye of a storm on the news channel
Galaxy with swirling spirals of stars, gas, and dust.

How can one not marvel at your beauty?
You deserve to be on the cover of high school algebra books,
As you embody the infinite and the universe all at the same time.

And unlike the model on the cover of Elle,
You’ve held and will hold this beauty for eons of time.

Your perfect and unique symmetry inspires the beginning of all life.
You hold way more perspective than meets the eye.

How have I not seen you properly before?
How have my eyes been dormant to your beauty?

Could apple-scented “no more tears” shampoo be to blame?

After the Laundry, the Ecstasy.

Here is a lullaby for young mothers
Hunchback from years of weight carried daily
Drop the weight of the world from your shoulders

Instead migrate the world with complete freedom
Before slouching becomes your identity
Here is a lullaby for young mothers

Live dreams before they are faded colors
Of vision boards you wished you could have lived
Drop the weight of the world from your shoulders

Embody the life you wish your daughters to live
Round backs signal lack of integrity
Here is a lullaby for young mothers

Walk to the edge to spread your feathers
So that soaring wings will become your grandkids’ legacy
Here is a lullaby for young mothers
Drop the weight of the world from your shoulders.



Author: Carmela Fleury
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Callie Rushton
Copy Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Social Editor: Catherine Monkman

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Read 7 comments and reply

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