January 5, 2018

A Stunning Tribute to Survivors of Sexual Assault. {Song}

In October 2017, social media was flooded with women and men all over the world joining together in one powerful voice: #MeToo.

I was one of those women.

The timing of the #MeToo campaign was fortuitous. I had just returned from a songwriting workshop in Chicago, where I had found a small, supportive community. They sent me home with a powerful message:

“Write what you’re afraid to write about. Write from the juices.”

Over the past decade, I’ve kept my history of trauma and sexual assault mostly a secret, trying to navigate the post-traumatic effects in silence and isolation. But when the #MeToo campaign started, I knew what I had to do: it was time for me to step out of the shadows and live my truth. I finally found the courage to share my story through my music with the hope that I’ll be able to help others, not just survive, but thrive.

I know, first hand, how much it hurts to survive sexual trauma. I know there’s an inner child mourning in all of us who have survived, and it feels like we’ll never get our sense of trust and safety back.

But we are not our shame. We are not defined by our pain or trauma. We are living proof of how much strength and resilience the human soul is capable of. We are courageous, resilient women. We are survivors.

For all of you beautiful hearts, I wrote this song for you:

“Beautiful Heart” ~ by Kala Farnham

Pretty girl, don’t you give up.
It ain’t over yet.
Ain’t it strange, how your world can change in an instant?

You feel that life is over,
But I walked in your shoes.
And, your life has just begun.

It’s a hard game girl; Sometimes justice never comes.
Don’t you lose faith girl; Gotta hold your head high and be strong.
Don’t you ever be ashamed, girl;

They cannot steal your beautiful heart.
In a man’s world—gotta hold your head high and be proud.
Just grab your crown and carry on Queen.

I walked in your shoes,
Felt the earth ripped out from under my feet.
But I been learning to dance on shaky ground.
So don’t you lose faith girl,

There is still goodness in this world.
Their dark can’t take away your light;
You just shine on now despite it all.

Just find your voice and sing it out.
You just shine on now despite it all.
Shine on, shine on.
Shine on Queen.


Author: Kala Farnham
Image: Unsplash/Becca Tapert
Editor: Brooke Breazeale
Copy Editor: Travis May
Social Editor: 

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