February 26, 2018

How a plant-based diet is good for your heart, penis & lifespan.

Dear Mindful Lifers,

The other day I got to interview my Oscar-winning friend and ally in the let’s-stop-being-jerks-to-animals cause, Louie Psihoyos (bet you don’t know how to spell his last name, though you just read it).

He talked about his new movie, The Game Changers, which approaches the whole vegan thing minus the animal compassion thing.

Hunh? That’s right: the entire movie tackles veganism in terms of health, in the view of scientists, doctors and athletes. It talks about the effect of a plant-based diet on your lifespan, your penis (or those of folks you care about), and your heart.


Waylon talks with Louie Psihoyos about his latest film, The Game Changers.

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:

“When you eat a cow, a pig, or a chicken, you’re just mugging that animal for the protein it got from plants. Just cut out the middleman.”  ~ Louie Psihoyos



The Game Changers chips away at the stereotype that “real men (& women) eat meat” as it uncovers the risks associated with a diet built around animal protein—all through the lens of top athletes from around the world.



It’s a New Era of Veganism: “The Game Changers” Trailer

Ultramarathon Champion Scott Jurek: How to Run & What to Eat.

How to be a Vegan without being a Jerk about it. 


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