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I want you to Revel in how you Taste, too. {Poem}

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Warning: adult content ahead!


I like the way you bite at the meat inside my right thigh.
Your teeth pull playfully at my skin. Like digging into the flesh of a ripe mango.
Sweet and sticky. Juice dribbles down your chin.
Tasting me.
And I like when you surface for a breath of air. Gulping it in before eagerly diving back under the sheets.
But not before planting one of those mango-sweet wet kisses on my mouth.
Me, tasting me.
So I’ve found I like my flavor; sex and happiness and freedom.
I like the way it clings to your lips and for a moment I’m making love to myself.
Me, fucking me.
Because that’s what I believe sex should be for women. After generations of shame and denial.
I want you to revel in how you taste, too.
Your flavor on another’s lips, on your lips.
I want you to feel like everything holy that has ever graced this earth when he murmurs into your right thigh,
“You taste so damn good.”
I want you to release against the tongue that laps at the temple between your legs like the fresh fruit of my mango tree I pick every June.
Peel her skin back with my teeth.
Sink in to her meat.
I like to see him sticky with my fruit the same way I get, every summer.


Watch Waylon and Brooklynn chat (live) about sex:

Author: Brooklynn Bosworth
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Callie Rushton
Copy Editor: Travis May

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About Brooklynn Bosworth

Brooklynn Bosworth is a yoga teacher, athlete, activist, and writer. She believes her experiences create a natural storyline for her writing and enjoys sharing poetry, prose, and short story based from authentic experience. Brooklynn is situated in the Hawaiian Islands and enjoys all that is encompassed in “island style.” She’s keen on big love, community, and creative expression in whatever form it demands to be birthed. Find out more on her website.


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