February 5, 2018

Vedic Astrology for February 1-15: How to Handle Heavy Emotions & Inner Conflict.


*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Vedic Astrology for February 2018: Part 1.

Vedic astrology is the astrological system used in India and yogic culture.

In this approach to life, form is an expression of spirit and is shown through the heavens. When you think about it, what else is there but the universe we inhabit?

By watching the celestial events, we can be prepared for life on Earth—much like a weather forecast. We can also understand why things are happening and “see beneath the veil,” so to speak.

There is a theme this month of moving from a self-protective, survival stance (Capricorn) to a more universal approach (Aquarius) where we look to make a bigger impact in the world.

The first half of the month features a pretty distressed moon, or mind, which joins Mars in Scorpio, then Saturn in Sagittarius, and onto the first solar eclipse of 2018. Also, Venus changes signs and moves into Aquarius and continues to be very close to the sun.

February 2-4
The Sun will be closely joined by Ketu in Capricorn, which may exacerbate self-doubt, especially in our business life. If we are already lacking confidence in ourselves or our path, we may be undermined by our own insecurity. However, if we are on track in our professional life and our sense of identity and personal strengths is solid, this could be a great time for advancing our personal and business goals. This may include working on personal fitness and inner resilience as well as focusing on our impact in the world.

February 8-9
The moon will be closely joined by Mars in Scorpio, which could be emotionally intense. Be careful of volatile emotional eruptions and jealousy. However, this could also be a time when we summon enormous emotional courage. What typically happens during this cycle is that we experience some kind of a big blowup and then we need to summon the courage afterward to face the mess we just created!

Mars is powerful when it is placed in Scorpio—its ruler. This aspect supports renewed discipline. Yet at the same time, the moon is debilitated here, which can lead to a situation where toxic insecurities undermine our personal strength.

February 11-12
The moon will join Saturn in Sagittarius, so heavy emotions are forecast to continue for several days. We could experience disappointment with people in our lives, especially teachers of any kind. This may be a time when it would be beneficial to establish better boundaries or be more realistic about what and who we believe in.

Be prepared for a shocking disappointment or feelings of limitation. Instead of externalizing these experiences, and blaming others, we need to look at our own projections and false hopes. Face them squarely.

February 15
There is a solar eclipse in Aquarius today, which illuminates an awareness of our cultural duties and responsibilities. Our social, cultural, and political lives are at the forefront now. This eclipse has the lunar node in Capricorn—which indicates inner conflict—as we juggle our own personal and material needs (as well as our family’s needs) with our social duties and responsibilities.

This eclipse happens in Dhanishta Nakshatra, which relates to the archetype of Lord Shiva‘s drum of creation. When we are able to fully establish our values, both personal and cultural, it can lead to increased wealth and money at this time. Remember that the greatest wealth is always in the spiritual values and services we can share.

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Author: Sam Geppi
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