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How Many Times should you Need to Remind someone to Love You? {Poem}

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Show Up, or Leave. {Poem}

How many times should you need to remind someone to love you?
Some would say none.
But I’d like to think I’m a simple kind of lover.
I’ll forgive.
Offer second chances more times than not.
So at what point does simple
Become easy?
Become not showing up for myself?
Become putting my heart on the back burner
Lighting someone else’s fire
And expecting none of the warmth
In return?
At what point do we put the foot down
Draw the line
Leave inconsideration in the rear view mirror?
At what point do we become acquainted with honesty toward our own needs.
Drop our hard-to-get mentality
Be easy to love
For people who are willing to simply show up.
We don’t ask for much
Us simple lovers.
And so it is easy for us to let people sneak by with the bare minimum
When we deserve the sun.
Our simplicity gives us pride.
We are at home inside our lives. We do not ask for more.
I think it’s time
We acknowledge
Simple can also demand respect
And time.
Simple doesn’t mean leave your consideration at the door.
Simple means we are easy to love, and therefore you have no excuse.
You will not be off the hook.
How can you refuse to stand face-to-face with someone who offers you everything
Without want for anything
And not burn to return that feeling back to her?
No more.
We are simple lovers
And for that reason, we will never settle for less than accountability inside our love.
You show up,
Or we leave.


It’s Okay to not be Okay Sometimes. {Poem}

It’s okay to weep
From the inside out
When your heart feels like anger that is not your own.
When your body aches
For touch
But insists on pressing the world away.
When your heart screams
“Hear me,”
But your lips are pursed.
When your eyes plead
See me
But your gaze is on the ground.
It’s okay to be a shell
Of yourself sometimes.
Flowers bloom in seasons.
Your spring will come, too.


Sex is the best thing in the world if it’s Mutual.




Author: Brooklynn Bosworth
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Callie Rushton
Copy Editor: Travis May

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About Brooklynn Bosworth

Brooklynn Bosworth is a yoga teacher, athlete, activist, and writer. She believes her experiences create a natural storyline for her writing and enjoys sharing poetry, prose, and short story based from authentic experience. Brooklynn is situated in the Hawaiian Islands and enjoys all that is encompassed in “island style.” She’s keen on big love, community, and creative expression in whatever form it demands to be birthed. Find out more on her website.


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