March 20, 2018

Oprah Winfrey Shows us the Power of Listening to our own Truth. {Video}

When it comes to the most important questions in life, nobody else can find the answers for you.

It is completely an inside job.

This can be difficult to comprehend; because when we feel like we know what our truth is—but then our friends debate us, our family disagrees with us, and overall the external world seems to be telling us something different than what we think we know—it becomes something that is quite easy to start to doubt. And, we start to doubt ourselves.

That is why this clip of Oprah Winfrey talking with Stephen Colbert is such a good one to watch and remember when we are feeling unsure of what our truth is.

Here, Oprah tells Colbert that it doesn’t matter if millions of people think she should run for president, because she only listens to her own alignment with God—and if it’s not telling her to run for president, then she isn’t going to do it.

So, when even just a few people disagree with you, just remember Oprah. Even millions of people having an opinion doesn’t sway her. The only thing that gets a say in her life is her own alignment to God and her truth.

Talk about powerful!



The Difference between a Social Media Truth & our Personal Inner Truth.

What it Means to Speak our Truth.


Author: Ruth Lera
Image: screenshot
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron

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Ruth Lera

Ruth Lera is a mindfulness meditation teacher, energy healer, natural intuitive, writer, boreal forest loiterer, and author of the book Walking the Soul Path; An Energetic Guide to Being Human.

She is also the creator of the Self Healing Community an online portal for tapping into your innate healing abilities.

Besides being a regular contributor for Elephant Journal, Ruth shares her thoughts on energy healing and the universe on her blog, Facebook page, and Twitter.