April 29, 2018

Give your Soul Permission to Break its Current Lease.


How many of you readers are men who’re feeling lost 

Suffering in silence and worried about the cost?

Finding yourself hiding in companionship with fears,

Concealing your emotion, your sadness, and your tears. 


Feeling like you no longer fit in a world with such divide. 

When all you really want to do is be a man with pride.

Who wants to live and dream and love and speak his tender voice,

But is stuck and deeply troubled by his stunning lack of choice.


Wearing cufflinks, suits, and crisp white shirts, and stuck in brick and mortar

Feeling trapped, held back, and stifled; but still needing to feel order

Pondering your freedom, to live and love and dream…

And wanting to reveal that things are far from what they seem.


Is it reckless or courageous to find different tapes to play?

To live your truth creatively, much like the Artist’s Way?

And take the road less travelled, with uncertainty and risk,

Packing passion, hope, and honesty; with a mindset that is brisk.


The real reward—happiness, and the courage it will take,

To live with curiosity, and the adventures you will make. 

This leap will leave you anxious; it’s not for faint of heart

But all your exploration will play a vital part.


It’s time to take your biggest step—find your inner peace

And give your soul permission to break its current lease. 


Author: Bill Rugg
Image: Author’s Own
Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Copy Editor: Emily Bartran

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