April 6, 2018

How to defeat Stress & Busyness.

How to avoid Life & Get away from Suffering Forever. ~ Waylon Lewis

We can not defeat the problem by avoiding it—or conquering it. We can only defeat a problem by making friends with it.

Take social media. Or news. Or busyness.

Many of us—including myself—want to get offline and stay offline and avoid rushing around and avoid social media and avoid politics.

But—the world needs us. And unless we’re planning to go off-grid in Vermont (sounds okay to me), we’re not going to avoid the messiness of life. Even living alone in a cabin in the country, we’ll have to deal with the local delivery folks or the roof needing work or lyme disease or whathaveyou.

Life finds a way…to be a pain in the neck.

So we really have no choice but to have a sense of gentleness toward ourselves, and humor about ourselves, and empathy for others. We have no choice but to engage in this life and world—that’s the bad news, but it’s also the good news.

Because when we engage fully, as many folks do here in Boulder, Colorado—community happens. And it can be delightful, and healthy, and rich in a way that money can’t buy. Simple.

So find a way to connect to your community. Take a class. Read mindful, independent news and journalism. Support your favorite farmers and craftspeople. Spend less time on Facebook. Don’t get Alexa or Echo. Don’t shop on Amazon—shop local. I’ve left Google search for Startup Page & Duck Duck Go. I’ve left Chrome (Google) for Firefox (independent, respects privacy).

And, if 2.5 of our 5 million Facebook fans ever joined this newsletter, I’d leave Facebook and never look back. Try me.


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