May 15, 2018

How Meditation Upgrades your Body/Mind.

It’s natural to stumble when we first begin meditation practice.

The body isn’t used to sitting still. The untrained attention is distractable and unstable.

But practice is still possible.

And with gentle, consistent practice, you can untangle the knots of tension and trauma that keep your life from opening fully.

This Nano Teaching explores the path of practice and how it leads to life-enriching mastery, including:

​>> How practice leads to mastery—in the most fundamental dimension of your life.
​>> The connection between compassion and practice.
​>> How meditation upgrades the instrument of your body/mind.
​>> What it means to untangle the knots of confusion.
​>> How meditation builds new neural structures that facilitate your true life.

“It’s true in the most fundamental level of your life, which is this: if you want to realize, to embody, and to express in your life—deeper creativity, greater wisdom, fuller compassion, more joy, more presence—then you have to not just wish it, not just want it, you literally have to practice.

Practice meditation. Because that is the practice that will allow you to literally build the neural networks, the neurological structures that will allow your body/mind to be the instrument through which those states of creativity, compassion, wisdom, bliss, and joy can play.

It takes practice. There’s nothing else. Reading won’t do it. Studying won’t do it. Sitting with teachers, going on retreats—these are all valuable supports. They are all valuable and supplementary to the fundamental practice, which is your daily time on the meditation cushion or chair.

That is primary. That is what builds your inner capacity. That is what untangles the knots of confusion. That is what dissolves the patterns of limitations and builds the new structures that allow you to really live the life that you came to live.”

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Author: Eric Klein 
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Editor: Catherine Monkman
Copy & Social Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

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