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The Girl I Was, Before Him. {Poem}

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My Favorite Gardener.


I remember the girl I was

the girl who loved him

who didn’t know she loved herself


Though she never knew me

I know her well

and while I can no longer be her

I love her still


For what she knew

for what she didn’t know

for the uprooting she would do

for all she weeded and sowed


The persistent nourishing

the love and the watering


That girl

who loved him

who didn’t know she loved herself


She is my spine bone

my soul’s

favorite gardener


And when I look into crystalline

eyes that are mine

I bow to her honor

scraped knee traumas


Of blood and in dirt

and I hold her cut hands

and I hold her heart’s hurt

and I turn


To face

the sun


And together

we surrender


And we witness



We finally allow



To bloom.




Author: Olivia Morrissey
Image: Courtesy of Astaria Holland
Editor: Khara-Jade Warren
Copy & Social Editor: Nicole Cameron

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About Olivia Morrissey

Olivia Morrissey‘s utopia is a world in which women reclaim their sacred knowledge and value. Her life’s work is to empower women to become their own rulers.

She believes this path is through breaking oneself back into the love that we were born as and have forgotten. From this place she believes women may reclaim their sacred wisdom, truth, and wild. Find more or connect on her website.


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