August 5, 2018

Decoding the Last Eclipse of 2018 & Discovering what it means for your Sign.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


The third and final puzzle piece of 2018’s eclipse season arrives with August’s Leo solar eclipse.

On August 11, 2018, the sign of Leo will be lighting up the scene of our ever-changing stories—a moment in time that won’t go by unnoticed. Leo, after all, is the king of the jungle, and he’ll be ready to roar with this partial solar eclipse.

Our King of Hearts—whoever or whatever they may be—will entice us to come out and strut our stuff. It’ll be up to us to get in tune with where we each need to shine our light next.

Some intense interpersonal combinations will also happen alongside our desire to shine. A few of us may be called to take a stand, lead the pack, and “become the king” in some kind of way. And some of us may experience an important mending of hearts.

There’s no doubt it’s been intense out there.

New seeds of opportunity have begun to take root—but some emotional goodbyes have been necessary too. It’s been a terrain filled with unexpected, difficult encounters. The universe has indeed been changing at a rapid pace—creating unpredictable situations that force us to push the envelope. Some of us have pushed too hard, and others not hard enough.

Recently, I was talking to a friend about all of this change, and he summed it up pretty accurately when he said, “Well, dinosaurs couldn’t adapt to change, and look what happened to them.” Point taken! We certainly don’t want to end up causing our own demise. The more we can step outside the box, the better—and the time is certainly now.

In very simple terms, a solar eclipse can only take place during a new moon. In astrology, new moons help us to initiate and begin new endeavors. However, doing so is a little tricky right now, given all the backward action in the zodiac: six planets are in retrograde including Mars and Mercury. Sometimes, we have to take on a new perspective and look back in order to move ahead. The past has to be cleaned up or we can’t start anew. For most of us, it will be obvious at this point that some of the things we’ve initiated in the past aren’t panning out as we’d hoped.

This Leo solar eclipse will spark our awareness, pushing us to modify our plans.

The bottom line is that something needs to start over, and the universe isn’t going to wait for us to be ready. It’s time to consider a redo—and the last eclipse of 2018 will make it clear what needs changing.

Planetary tips and tricks to use as we modify our intentions:

1. Leo, the star sign of this eclipse, wants us to shine our light on and take charge of a specific area of our lives. Read your horoscope below to take note of where this light is shining.

2. Uranus, the planetary trigger behind change, is now fully supported by Saturn (the planet that does things for the long-term). Whatever we want to change is now supported and has the potential to deliver long-lasting benefits.

3. The Jupiter-Neptune trine is still in effect, which means that magic is in the air. Sometimes, the unexplainable is possible and a new kind of romance could be in the making.

4. Intense emotions will join us on this solar eclipse ride, so be ready to catch some feels. We may need to mend past hurts before any of the opportunistic sparks can fly. With Venus, Saturn, and Chiron all caught up in emotional turmoil, these past hurts will be bubbling to the surface. Someone will want their pain to be known, and the time has come to make amends.

5. Leo is the sign that represents our heart, and with so much energy coming out of it, try to tune into its message to you. Your heart is trying to tell you something…and this is the time to listen.

Read on to find out what area of your life is being emphasized by the last eclipse of 2018. I recommend reading for both your sun and rising signs to add more depth and insight into the year ahead. Here is a free rising sign calculator if you don’t know yours.


The last eclipse of 2018 will take place in the area of your astrology that pertains to children, investments, romance, and fun. You might feel called to get out and have a little fun or to showcase your creative side. If you are single, you might find yourself on the dating scene. Just keep in mind that your opinion of any new people you meet will likely change. Children may also become a major theme and you might begin to start having more fun with them.

There is a great deal of potential for you to rediscover more about yourself and what you like to do for fun. It’s also possible that you embark on some sort of investment. There is a lot of potential opportunity that will come out of this eclipse for you because of the heavy emphasis on your element of fire. Just be sure to look before you leap because Mercury—along with a whole other slew of planets—is still moving backward.


A revision of some sort in your homelife comes into effect with this powerful moon. You may embark on a move or think heavily about where to put roots down. You may feel pushed to find a new home. Perhaps it’s a place of the past or somewhere you connected to long ago. It’s also possible that you make the decision to start home renovations or do something that benefits your home or family.

In general, themes of real estate will become prominent. Just be careful about making big purchases right now with Mercury in the end stages of his retrograde. The nature of things may change and things like home inspections and contract negotiations may not go well if you close the deal between now and August 19th. Important details may be missed—that could be discovered later for additional cost. There is also a great deal of driving energy that comes out of this eclipse for you. A big push out of your comfort zone and into new territory may need to happen.


The areas of communications, short trips, information, writing, transportation, and siblings get a huge energy surge for you. Things are happening now at a fast pace and you’re smack in the middle of a possible (mis)communications hub. Just be careful of Mercury’s tricks in the communication arena as we deal with the last week of Mercury Retrograde (through August 19th). You may have a lot of things to say and need to get your point across—but the challenging terrain may prevent you from doing so easily.

A trip may be in store or perhaps you’re purchasing a vehicle or new technology at this time. I’d suggest used over brand new unless you purchase after August 19th. Use this impactful eclipse time to talk to others and gather all the facts you need to get your point across in the best way possible.


There is a big emphasis on money, your assets, and things that you value (as well as desire) with the energy surge of this solar eclipse. A new beginning related to something in your past could happen—involving purchases, finances, or possessions. The way you make or earn money could begin to change. It’s possible that you also start earning money in a new way. You may begin to reassess your potential in this area.

Thoughts of being undervalued may come up, and this will drive you to make a change. It’s also possible that you decide to reevaluate what is important in regard to possessions. Just keep Mercury retrograde in mind if you’re thinking of making a large investment. A redo, or working on past investments, is fine. However, if it’s something entirely new, be cautious until August 19th. If you try to “seal the deal” before this date, you may change your mind later.


This powerful eclipse is likely going to be the most impactful for you, Leo, given that it’s taking place in your sign. New doors may open, but there may be as many challenges as opportunities. You may need to revisit your past as you try to make a fresh start. Your sense of self is being highlighted, and you are being pushed to strut your stuff like never before. An inner awakening has been building confidence in you since the beginning of the year.

At a minimum, your personal style might change, but this energy runs deep and is transformational, given Pluto’s involvement. You are in the process of closing out a major chapter of your soul development and beginning a new one. It will center around whatever you are embarking upon at this time. Eclipses are known for bringing new things to the table and helping us to see things differently. Take care of yourself now because you may feel a great deal of pressure as you emerge into this new chapter. Also remind yourself just how far you have come and how this is your time to shine. Your sign is the king of the last eclipse of 2018!


There is a two-sided story in this eclipse for you, Virgo. Given that it’s taking place in a “hidden” area of your astrology, you will likely end up going inward instead of outward. Perhaps there are matters of business calling your attention—we both know your talent for creating order is unprecedented! Given the chaos of eclipse season and all the planetary madness, your sign may be called on more than others to get things back on track.

However, it’s necessary at this time to be honest about your own needs, because you need a little down time. It’s time to push deep into your subconscious. Watch out for self-sabotage during this time and remind yourself that good things are in store.

You may feel pulled between wanting to be alone and being with others. There is an opportunity to work through some long-standing issues with this powerful eclipse because of the insight it will deliver. It’s also possible that you decide to embark upon a new and secret affair of some sort during this time. Perhaps you’ll revisit someone or something from the past. You may also discover new truths about yourself or other important people in your life. Mysteries could reveal themselves and a new understanding about the energies hidden within your subconscious become apparent. This could mark the point of a powerful soul cleanse. Retrogrades are great for soul cleanses, which makes this the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries.


This powerful time will light up the area of your astrology relating to your friends, groups of people, and on a deeper level, your hopes and dreams. The eclipse itself marks a great time to reinvent some new long-term goals—ones that involve making a dream a reality. It’s also a great time to put yourself out there and join a new group of some sort. Being part of a group is a central theme. Maybe you even decide to lead the group in some capacity. The need for you to stand up for what’s right will be important—but be mindful of challenges that come along for the ride, given the current planetary terrain.

New and important friendships could also surface, and you may reconnect with friends of the past. Whatever the case, you are now approaching the time of the year when you can begin manifesting things that you’ve wanted for a long time. Remember that it’s okay if your wants and needs are changing—what you wanted last year may not be the same thing you desire now.


Important developments in your career or place in the public eye will now begin to surface. You may start getting some extra attention at work during the time of this eclipse, and the stakes could be high. People will be looking your way, so get ready to strut your stuff! Maybe you start getting more recognition for your hard work. Additionally, you might get a new, more important job.

Parenting could also be a big theme. You might be embarking upon becoming a parent yourself, or your role as a parent becomes more important or visible. However, just keep in mind that whatever surfaces here may come along with some caveats given all the retrogrades in motion. Also keep your eye on August 19th, the point when not only Mercury begins his motion forward, but the peak of the Jupiter-Neptune trine comes to pass. At this point, opportunities will surround you. Keep in mind that this is a confidence-boosting time for your sign, and August 19th marks a sweet spot where you’ll feel it.


This powerful energy will highlight the realm of your astrology relating to higher education (learning and teaching), spirituality and religion, foreign matters, publishing, legal matters, in-laws, and long-distance travel. There’s also the possibility of going back to school. Travel and working with foreigners may become highlighted themes. Perhaps you are embarking on a trip, and given Mercury’s in retrograde, maybe it’s one where you go back to somewhere you’ve been before.

This is also an area of self-promotion, publishing, and public relations. A new beginning in one of these areas could be in the works. Just keep in mind that whatever is beginning may have some challenges attached to it. You’re changing, Sagittarius, and ultimately getting ready for a rise up after this eclipse season is over. Keep in mind that Jupiter will be heading into your sign come November and your new 12-year cycle of abundance is not that far away! However, for the moment, keep a grounded, realistic, and practical approach as you forge ahead.


This powerful energy will highlight your house of resources, and it may be time to revisit matters surrounding these themes. New developments may manifest in regard to joint resources, inheritance, help coming from another person (other people’s money), investments, inheritances, and sexual activity or intimacy. Changes in finances could also play a big part of this energy—including revelations about taxes.

Questions about what’s yours and what’s mine may surface. There could be a reevaluation of some sort going on. Intimacy is also highlighted at this time, and you may be ready to look at this secret area of your life. New sexual activity or something of a very intimate nature, relationship-wise, could begin. For you, this eclipse energy is all about the transformative possibilities. Your sign is going through many changes right now, and you’re more aware of it now than ever.


Relationships of the past will be highlighted during this eclipse, and themes regarding close-knit relationships (friends, colleagues, and lovers) are all emphasized now as well. There is a big focus on your romantic partner, a business alliance, or someone you are closely aligned with. Something new arises from the past, and your relationship will become visible. A situation involving an open enemy or person you are in competition with could also take root. Someone may challenge you to take a stand.

The key of this new chapter has everything to do with relationships and partnerships, and a redo is in play. Whatever important relationship is in your view at this time, plan on it continuing to be a major focal point for the next several years. If you are a business owner or anyone who seeks clients, you may notice that patronage begins to increase around the period of this eclipse. A new contract with a business partner could also be in the works. If it’s not someone you already know, your commitment to them may change. Remember that Mercury is retrograde until August 19th—so anything signed prior to this time has the potential to change in some capacity.


Pisces, your house of work, health, and daily environment gets a huge energy surge at the time of the solar eclipse. This is an area that is getting a lot of attention as of late. At the point of the eclipse, you may decide to make some important changes in your health or take on some new beneficial routines. Changes could also come up in the area of your workplace or with coworkers.

A new chapter involving your work, surroundings, health, and habits is in the works. A new project may surface. It’s also possible that you are persuaded to get a pet, but just be careful in taking on too much commitment—you may change your mind in a few weeks about having a new responsibility. It’s best not to make any major decisions until after August 19th when Mercury goes direct. That date also marks the point of the grand finale of the very special Jupiter-Neptune trine, which has been creating some unexplainable possibilities for your sign. New developments are in play for you despite all the time spent looking back.


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