August 10, 2018

The Only Thing you Need to Know about Unconditional Love. {Poem}

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I’m not going to make this easy for you
Said Fear

That’s okay
Said my Soul
We didn’t come here because it was easy

Well fine
Replied Fear
It ain’t gonna be pretty

I’m coming for you anyway
Said my Soul

You’re going to have to drag me out kicking and screaming
Said Fear
I’ll dig my heels in
I’ll wreak havoc
I’ll embarrass you
I’ll burn bridges
I’ll open old wounds
I’ll choke out your truth
And I’ll stomp all over that pretty little life you’ve built
I’ll hurt you and the ones you love
Trust me
Continued Fear
I’m better off being left alone in the dark
Just let me do my thing
Behind the scenes

Show me your worst
Said my Soul
And I’ll show you my love

Kick and scratch and vomit your mess
All over our life
And I’ll say
“Is that all you got?”

Burn it all down
Shake it all up
Stomp the lights out
And I’ll build it back up

We didn’t come here to hide
Not one piece of who we are
Is that what you thought?
Said my Soul to my Fear
Is that why you took over?
Because you thought we came all the way here
Just to hide?

My Soul smiled as she spoke
The way a mother does to an innocent child
You just broke her favourite mug but tried to pretend you didn’t
And now you’re navigating your life around the broken pieces
Because you don’t want to hurt mom’s feelings with the truth
And when it broke, you got hurt too
And it seems easier than cleaning it up
Except that now you are navigating your entire life
Around shattered ceramics
It’s sharp under your feet
Even 20 years later
And you’re going nowhere
It’s the wound
You have forever
Been trying to conceal

No babe
My Soul continued
We did not come here to hide

We came here to shine
We came here to learn
We came here to flood the world’s drought
With torrential rainstorms of love
So powerful
So relentless
That even the deepest darkest ugliest wounds
Feel at home
In the light

We came here to make a mess
There is no tantrum
No fire
No wound
No embarrassment
No shattered reality
That would make me turn away
From what we came here to do and who we came here to be
So give it up
Lay it down
And put it all on the line

Don’t be afraid of what’s to come
Said my Soul to my Fear
We didn’t come here to hide

Said Fear
I know you say that now

I know
Said my soul
It’s okay


Said my Soul
Let’s begin.

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