September 3, 2018

7 Friends we Need in our Life.

One of the many keys to great happiness in life is surrounding yourself with friends.

Nobody is going to listen to you, root for you, or love you quite like a friend does.

But, it’s also true that not every friend loves you in the same way, which is why it’s perfectly healthy to maintain multiple friendships at once. Just like each romantic relationship you’ve experienced over time has likely helped to mold different aspects of yourself, the same is true for friends.

Each of your friends possesses an admirable quality that stands out about them and serves to encourage and help you grow in special ways.

Here are seven types of friends you might already recognize, and some you should be on the lookout for.


Morgan is the cheerleader. The champion. The encourager. The one who sings you blush-worthy praises and makes a positive difference in your everyday life. The one who will never hesitate to have your back, or stand up for you. The one who accepts you as you are, and wouldn’t ask you to be any other way. The one who breaks out the pom-poms when you succeed, and urges you to get back up when you fall. The one who believes in you like no one else ever has.


Kim is your go-to. Your sounding board. Your confidant. The one you can run to when you have a life change—good or bad. The one you tell anything and everything to because you know she won’t be shocked, and she will take it to the grave. She’s loyal and constant, and always ready with whatever you need: confetti, tissues, chocolate, moral support—or a shovel.


Danielle is the friend you didn’t see coming. The one you swore you wouldn’t have anything in common with. Maybe even the one you originally didn’t like. But, because of circumstance, she’s the one who just sort of happened. And you’re glad she did. You worked harder to understand her. She challenged you. Then, she grew on you.


Lexi is the empath. The comforter. The nurturer. The one you admire and aspire to be more like. The one who listens without judgment and offers guidance if you want it. The one everyone gets along with and is drawn to because of her agreeable nature and beauty. The one who is warm, kind, intuitive, and genuinely happy for others. She’s pure goodness and chicken soup for the soul.


Jennifer is the builder. The shaker. The motivator. She has the same amount of hours in her day as everyone else, but for some reason, she seems to accomplish way more. She’s highly organized and confident. She balances family, a corporate job, and a side hustle too. Plus, she still makes it out for celebrations—and yoga. She just gets sh*t done, and makes you want to get sh*t done also. She’s ambitious, influential, and busy. But she will always make time for you. And she will help you achieve whatever goals you set your mind to if you ask her. Because she wants you to succeed as bad as you do.


Wendy is the wild friend. The adventurer. The energizer. The one who picks you up when you’re feeling down and makes you ugly laugh out loud. She’s the one is who is always smiling and ready to have a good time. The one who ventures outside of her shell often and persuades you to do the same. She’s the one who likely loves dancing, drinking margaritas, and exploring new places. But she also knows when to go with the flow. She’s radiant and infectious. And her zest for life makes you want to keep her close so you can love life too.


Linsey is the lost friend. And the found friend. The friend you will never not count. She’s the one you can come back to after any amount of passed time, and feel just as comfortable with. She’s honest and grounded. She’s true and familiar. And any time spent with her makes you kick yourself for not seeing her more. (Psst, you should see her more.)


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