October 2, 2018

Want Better Sex? Do Yoga. {Adult}

There are countless benefits to doing yoga.

Although moving and getting our asana on helps fuel the mind and body, it can also do wonders to our sex life.

Beyond being physically good for our health and mental-emotional state, yoga also helps us calm down, find harmony, and well-being.

The more time we can spend on our mat, the easier it becomes to let go of unconscious and hidden fears that may be keeping us in a not-so-happy state.

Yes, yoga feels good, energizes us, and helps us come into the present state.

But it also changes our body, enhances intuition, forces us to connect with breath, and improves our sense of security within ourselves.

Yoga teaches us to fully embody who we are and accept ourselves in more loving ways.

The better we feel internally, the more we are able to radiate externally.

With meditation and breath, we can ignite our deeper passions—and what I call the creative sexual drive.

Good sex happens with a good relationship, clear mind, and our ability to be open and loving in all we do.

We enjoy sex because it’s fun, uplifting, and pleasureful. Yoga and breathwork can stimulate similar aspects of our body and give us a new kind of high and sexual resonance.

Yoga helps elevate our attitudes and can get us out of our stagnant, disconnected, self-sabotaging ways.

Beyond needing sex for pleasure, we can instead learn how to connect and form better loving relationships in all we do.

It’s true that if we want more sex, or want to be more sexually liberated, we need to increase our self-confidence and become more accepting of ourselves and our bodies.

Yoga can help us with it all—self-love, relationships, and sex.

It lets us discover newfound realizations on our mat, and then helps us grow and become more authentic out in life.

The better we feel, the better our health, happiness, and love life.

As we let go of resistance—held within the mind and body—we evolve into happier, more loving human beings.

So, want better love, deeper connections, and better sex? Do yoga.

Yoga is a science that teaches us how to use our breath to create more awareness in our body—by releasing pain and resistance.

We can learn how to evolve into a more mature state, release unconscious fear, and discover our inner world.

By developing a loving relationship with our body, we can connect to our sexual side, and become more comfortable being naked—especially in bed.

Improving flexibility can improve our sex poses and doing hip openers will stimulate our sex drive.

Breathing deep into our bodies and wombs helps us release emotional attachments, false fantasies, subconscious limitations, and ego fears.

By becoming fully present, managing stress, and growing honest in who we are—we can then surrender, breathe, and have more fun by operating in a happier and joyful manner.

We can learn how to enjoy the masterpiece that we are.

Rather than holding onto a toxic partner that brings out the worst in us, we can gracefully learn to evolve in love, let go more easily, and know real relationships happen when we quit forcing and start loving.

Sex and playfulness are what make life interesting and fun and we can learn to have both these and deep, meaningful relationships.

The continuous practice of yoga and meditation can help us flex those muscles easier, make us confident, and teach us to be more loving in all aspects of life.

If you’re having sex—be more playful and try new things. If you’re wanting sex—do something that can increase your confidence.

If you’re not sexually active at all? Be willing to experiment. Get to know your body and what it can do.

Most of all, have fun, live playfully, and never let fear stop you from sex, love, or living in abundance.

The only way we can advance our sex life is by developing our relationship to ourselves—mind, body, heart, and continuing to practice yoga as a way to achieve all of this.


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