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November 19, 2018

They say all Crisis conveys a new Opportunity.

A say about change…

They say all crisis conveys a new opportunity,
that whenever there was rain it stopped,
and here I am transcending a new confusing moment of my short life.

It is really impressive to note how many times we manage to come back to the same place without even realizing we are walking down the same road over and over again.

If we stop and think back it is not easy to disguise when it started happening though when it has therefore unchained its product we can easily recognize that we are once more taking those same steps.

Anyways, even if they may seem the same, the situation is still completely new.
It does become a little confusing to explain.

From an unconscious bearing, it is us that create our own reality whereas in the conscious mind it seems to be the situations that happen to us and not the other way around. One comes to think then, why on earth will I make myself go through yet another existential crisis?

Reality strikes and truth is that if it is manifesting itself most probably we will have to summon to it. We are already aware, we are already in a different loop. Little did we know that once we become alert of it, even if for some time-lapses we manage to avoid it, it will intensify and materialize itself whether we want it or not.

From many points of view, they have tried to explain to us this but there is no button to push to activate it except for our own personal moment.

Here I am now turning these feelings into words, watching the storm arise while I type and at the same time watching me type. It becomes two dimensions of the same, meaning I am writing and watching me write simultaneously; we are two beings in one, the writer and the one observing the writing take place.

There are many times we come to question things without realizing there is another us behind actually watching our recurrent self-questioning.

Discovering this other self of ours is a gigantic advance to discovering us internally; it means managing to reveal to ourselves how we automatically act and think while in parallel being conscious of all of this too.

As we identify this we then start to be capable of recognizing that we can also choose not to live on auto-pilot, choose to let these thoughts exist without them becoming our absolute identity and therefore choose which of them we use and which of them we decide to pass by.

I am sure this is not the first time we read something alike but it is not so easy to apprehend though at the same time it is way much simpler than it appears to be.

If we are able to quiet or body and its daily demands that arise from our agitated lifestyle we give place to the possibility of noting that which lays constantly behind it all.

I like to stop and think who might be behind these words too, who is now reading and receiving these thoughts I bear for as much alike my words may seem the message varies significantly depending on who the receptor is.

I am excited to think these words somehow activate something in my reader for if I happen to be here telling you about them it is because they have definitely activated strongly in me as they also become stronger by sharing them.

Inspiration comes and goes but I come to realize that for it to visit more often it only requires calling for her after all.

Of course, everything is composed of different opinions, everything one reads or listens to is someone else’s opinion too as everything one retains and processes formulates our own.

The mind only repeats what is to her known, reason why in a certain way nothing that one may come to say is truly original in itself but an idea that flows through life; what is important happens to be then what each of us assimilates and internalizes in order to, later on, formulate, reformulate and exteriorize it.

I like to think it in this way for then I take the liberty to say this is only what I come here to tell without presuming more than what my truth can express and receiving the other’s truth as well.

The wind blows while these last words get written, the wind conveys communication while cleaning the way for new ideas to emerge, carrying a liberating sound that leaves space for new creation to arise where the old structure once was.

My great challenge and I am sure many others’ share is to be able to accept. Without realizing we carry around auto-imposed truths that we absorb from our surroundings taking them as granted by the content of our context. It is nice to know that we can change this as soon as we focus on it and by doing it change what surrounds us as well.

There’s people that live in constant change and others that prefer not to alter their existence so often. Anyhow if we flow, changes produce themselves along with our being, it is up to us to let our mind recognize them and cease to try to acknowledge them all in her own twisted way.

Changes are natural transformations, every now and then some arise abruptly and all of a sudden we absorb in a gulp or get to complete what was missing to take a leap. This is after all what living is all about, being capable of merging with our new perception of our own reality.

When we become very alert we can then create these moments generating enough synergy required for them to manifest according to our wishes and therefore living in plain existential trust.

Normally it requires a dash of patience and a slash of persistence to give birth to required spaces for changes to find their spot and reproduce authentically. The good part is that by practicing this state of awareness it starts becoming familiar and once it is familiar the mind is then able to take it in easily for it assimilates familiarity making her feel good about it.

Another very true saying explains that no matter how many times we change something outside if we do not do it inside-out we will come to repeat situations once and again until the necessary awakening takes place within.

Life situations are therefore no more than lessons and choices, aware of this or not, we are constantly choosing our destiny and carrying it around with us at the same time.

It is then enough to know that when we are ready to see what we did not see before we can trust that if it is reproducing itself it is because we might be ready now to transcend.

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