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November 18, 2018

Dare to dream big!

Dream big, set the intention sky high. Remain focused on that dream that inspires you. For in that dream is one’s heart, it would not exist or call you otherwise. Our dreams, often our disgarded thoughts are clues to our inner instinct and world. The imagination is closest to our spiritual nature or self, it is our inner voice manifest to us, a little child tugging at a skirt.

When one listens to their imagination they open the door to the divine creative spark within themselves, the inspired creative flow that beckons. Dreams can be instigators or triggers, the inner cues that have the power to change our reality if we listen.

Dreams are manifest in symbol. Each symbol a shape of the subconscious, a design unique to each individual as the spiralling design on a thumb print. Listen up it’s time to stop listening to the external conditions of reality and to the possibility that supercedes all expectations within oneself.

So dare to dream, make a date with Dreamland, dare to see, dare to make one’s dreams come true because out inner radar at the end of the day is our direct contact with the truest tangible energy of choice through symbol. A gut instinct if you will! That’s born from the gravy of life. Make life a meal, dare to dream!

Saralee Healing

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