November 24, 2018

Have You Been Lied to?

Have you been lied to?

Yes, you read it correctly, have you, and I been lied to?

Is there a pot of gold the end of the rainbow?

Does forever after and all related tales of wonderful outcomes actually exist?

To understand what forever after is, we would need to unpack how we got to the point of believing in forever after, the root of the hope, and the reasons to believe in it, right?

The good news, the REALLY good news, is that it is only a mindset, (or a few)… And this is linked to our unique value, the one of Choice.

Fairy tales speak of forever after, they speak of eternal hope, that doing & being good always wins, happiness and romance.  IS that a lie?  Some of you may argue yes, some not.  YOUR life experiences are the judge and jury though!

Let us get back to the beginning, Adam and Eve style!

Before our families, cultures, religion, schooling, business schools, communities shaped our experiences, our beliefs, our mindsets, we were created as a human.  Think what you like, BUT we are all the same at physical source –  a bag of bones! Well structured and uniquely placed, but hard bones, nonetheless.

What sets up our physical differences thereafter, is how we start life, ie being created as a man and an woman and that which shapes our mind and therefore life.

It would make perfect sense then, in order to truly energise the value of Respect, within & to others, would be to honour both our uniqueness and our common source/s?

What does this really mean?  It would equate to creating a value system that was rooted in both the depth and the lightness of Self Knowledge as well as Community thriving in more than survival.

Self knowledge is the basis of identifying your uniqueness.  Your uniqueness is where you make your mark on the world, where you start to create, and one day, leave your legacy.  This uniqueness is what gives you your voice.

The world has seen the Evidence of successful innovation from the youngest and most unusual sources in humans. Think of the great inventors, innovators, self made millionaires and billionaires for a moment.

Their common denominator is the inner drive to reach a goal, no matter what, with or without community or family support.

Why?  They listen to their unique voice.  They action the words of the voice.  They know when to seek whichever Divine guidance and support they believe in which truly supports them, with unique reliable truth, honesty, acceptance, and which gets them through the challenges and uncertainties that arise on their journey.

They always keep the focus on the positive outcome of their inner voice.  They never lose sight of their Vision.  They believe in the purpose of their Vision.  They believe in their ability to make it happen, they believe in own Truth.  They are also fearlessly in pursuit of their own forever after.  They have created that in their mind, it became a mindset the minute they decided to adopt the vision and knowledege of success.  They repeated it, repeatedly, and It became reality. There own Forever after! SelfMade!

Those are the people to model Entrepreneur behaviour on, those are the people who are true leaders of the Self.   We can never copy and paste them, but we can seek to find within ourselves, the same secret sauce in how they are successful.

Imagine an education system that had as part of the syllabus, Self Mastery & Actualisation principles!

SO – What reasons would anyone want to do this?

To rebuild, renew and rejuvenate, on all levels in our world, business, work, home, play.   It makes sense then, that if we could consider to start at Source, and relearn how to think.

Do you agree?

The REAL question around Forever after, therefore, has many subtitles!

The real meat of the topic is, if you really want to believe in happy ever after, you have to know the role you play in making it happen, both actively and inactively.  Therefore, do you choose Self Mastery as your base for your unique Happy Ever after??

Self Mastery is the pot of Gold at the end of your rainbow, fill it with the authentic gold of you.  Leaver the fools gold behind… your forever after is your choice, your making, YOU!

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