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November 28, 2018

You Can’t Have A Great Love and A Great Career Or Can You? These 9 Fully Present Women Tell You How

The most common MYTH my single clients subscribe to is that it is impossible, difficult, and there is not enough time to have a great career and love life. They choose to instead focus on a career and miss out on all the joys of a connected relationship with a partner.

I know that you can have BOTH and here are 10 inspirational leaders that tell you how to make it work in love and business.

Talk to Me

When Regan Walsh, Life and Executive Coach, first met her now-husband, she didn’t share feelings. Walsh shares  “ I was drowning but wanted him to think I had it all together. I will never forget the night I decided to get real with him, we were out to dinner and I just started to sob. I opened up about the risk I took saying yes to this start up—the fact I had taken a 50% pay cut to do it, and that I was feeling financially strapped. And he listened and he showed up.”  Being able to be vulnerable and let someone into what your experiences are what makes a relationship worth the being in and makes you feel supported in your business life as well.

You Light Up My Life

Making sure your clients and your love partner are actually people you want to be with is the “key to any successful relationship, personal or professional, is to align your values with the other person. Know your values, and spend time with people who appreciate you for all that you stand for.” iMonica Mo Brand strategist for health influencers’ go-to advice for all great relationships and to feel good about how you are spending your time with people.

You Gotta Have Faith Faith Faith

“I had to believe in myself” is the theme to staying content in Sashka Hanna Rappll, Branding Expert’s love and business life.  It can be yours too. Believe that it is happening even if the evidence points against it with your partner and your business.

Door A or B

When you find yourself not enjoying your love or business life, Kole Whitty, Biointegration Expert, keeps it real simple by saying “ There is ONE thing to remember to ask yourself on a daily basis: Am I making this easy? Or am I making this hard?”. Making a practice to make things simple is a key to success in love and business.

You Do You

“Stop trying to make everyone comfortable at your expense”, says Rebekah Buege, Body Confidence Coach. “We always worry about what other people are going to think, say, feel, etc. if we show up as WHO we are. But what if we focused on making ourselves comfortable in our body and surround ourselves with people who accept the REAL us? “. Being able to show your authentic self in your love and business life will keep you happy and less stressed by pretending you are someone else.


Katherine Denton Pomerantz Money mentor to creative entrepreneurs says” the whole idea is – I’m ok, and I can remain awesomeness separate from and in spite of everything going on around me. So, your personal identity shouldn’t be defined by your business OR your partner.” 

No Super Size For Me

The best thing anyone can do to have a life, and business, they love is to shed the belief of “more is better.” says Amy S. Lasseter Psychotherapist | Business Coach & Consultant. “When you’re chasing “more” what you’re really chasing is other people’s expectations, wants and desires.  You have to be willing to acknowledge your wants and desires…this is when you step off the hamster wheel of “more” because you’re able to see and visualize your own dreams. This is when you’ll start to truly embrace to joy, love, and connection that you’ve been craving…and when you fall in love with your life and business!” says Lasseter

All About Me

“Focus on self-care and self-love” to feel fulfilled in both my love life and business life. I’ve come to know, learn and experience that when I do that, everything starts falling into place naturally. Now, whenever I need clarity or need to get back into alignment, I start asking myself what I need to do for ME first”  says Marian Bacol Uba Speaker, Writer and Transformation Coach.

Your Presence Is Your Present

Do THIS to feel fulfilled in both love & business – I would say be fully present – to stop thinking about business when you are with your lover and focus on your business 100 percent and when you are working on it. It is way more productive to be fully present when you work! And way more enjoyable and fulfilling with your partner or spouse when all your heart, concentration, focus, and love is on that person ( not on the issues you have to overcome with your business) says Fabienne Raphael Business Building Coach.


For me, I  used to believe that having it all together is what was going to bring in the love and career success into my life. However what worked for me in my love and business life was when I was able to share the times that I did not have it all together and needed support from my man or my team members. When I asked for help, I started feeling more connected and real versus the facade of the person I was pretending to be. Being able to be REAL has made me not sacrifice love for my business or vice versa.


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