December 30, 2018

A mindful take (with resources & real solutions) re: Border Security.

Dear Mr. President,

You don’t care about the Wall.

You care solely about finding and exploiting wedge issues. As if you really care about real solutions or anything, including your supporters. You care only about yourself, red herrings and alternative facts, and dividing this country so you can stay in power with your base.

Did you know the border wall won’t solve illegal immigration? That illegal immigration at the southern border is markedly since 2000? That $5 billion won’t be enough? It’d be more like $35 billion? That various sections of the border are privately owned by Texan ranchers, etc, or divided by a river, and that a wall would be either impossible or awful in environmental cost and the halting of animal migration?

Did you know the wall is a big wedge issue, like the caravan, a fake solution to a minor problem that it won’t address? Far more harmful illegal immigration and drugs happens through checkpoints and tunnels. And if Americans weren’t (capitalism?) asking for those drugs we wouldn’t have that influx? IE…maybe…it’s on us to end this failed drug war and create policy that makes, you know, sense?

It’s a much reduced problem, if we look at facts rather than rhetoric. If our President targeted actual solutions, I’d be all for it—more folks illegally emigrate via planes.


For real, simple solutions, click here.

8 real solutions here.




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Read 2 comments and reply

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