December 14, 2018

The Ultimate Gift Guide for your Dosha.

Looking for some creative ways to figure out what to get your friends and family for the holidays?

Look no further, the Dosha Holiday Gift Guide is here to help! Doshas, or our dominant mind-body type, are an excellent way to understand our friends and family to know what to get them for Christmas!

Learn what thrills, excites, and gets each mind-body type gleaming with happiness. 

Picky Pitta

Picking out presents for pitta dominant people can be a real pain, but don’t worry, the guide’s here to help. First of all, you need to be able to identify a pitta person to make sure you are on the right track. Pitta people are perfectionists—they have clean houses with a place for everything, and will let you know if something is out of place.

They are the most likely to be impeccably dressed no matter the occasion, and will take time to groom themselves for a trip to the grocery store. They need tasks to be completed just so, and may be harder to please than other types. Don’t take this personally, this is simply pitta’s nature!

What do pitta people like? Pitta people are visually oriented, so like visually appealing gifts. They like things that look (and usually are) expensive. Think quality, visually pleasing, and expensive. Yup, that’s pitta. Signature pieces are a great fit, as are products with a designers name they like and recognize. Can’t afford something expensive? Making sure your gift is nicely wrapped will go a long way to pleasing your pitta friend.

Vata Virtuoso

Vata people are your creative types, and love gifts that express their uniqueness or allow them to actually make something! Personality wise, vata people are generally involved in any number of projects, and will have houses full of little trinkets and artsy items.

Vata people also like antique and vintage items, or things that allow them to create. However, they are also more likely to open your present and then immediately forget about it, but not because they don’t like it—that’s just who vata is, and doesn’t necessarily reflect your gift. They tend to be easily distracted and have “squirrel” syndrome. Keep it creative and vata will surely be pleased!

Cozy Kapha

Ah, sweet kapha. Kapha people are sentimental types, and love gifts that reminds them of connection or family. They tend to be homebodies, though if you can get them out and about they usually have a good time. Kapha people are natural nurturers, and want everything to be right and peaceful between people.

They are most likely to be upset by family disruptions (usually caused by pitta), and above all, want to sit by the fire and reminisce about the good times. Have a close kapha friend? Throw a picture of the two of you into a nice frame with a sweet note, and you will win gift of the day.

They also love cookies, candies, and chocolates. Kapha people seek out comfort and tend to nest, so gifts that cozy the feel of their home are another great choice! They love presents that show you know and care about them (who doesn’t), and are also most likely to appreciate a present for their favorite furry friend.

May this guide ease your shopping stress, and happy holidays!


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