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December 3, 2018

Tips to Self Heal – The body naturally heals itself

The body is made to heal itself, the body is completely and naturally healing and renewing itself every single day. The body continues despite impairment and will eventually heal itself if the conditions are right and the body is given space and recognised.

Here are my tips to help heal the body naturally

Rest is key to healing

Giving the body space it needs to heal

Breathing deeply is key, the deeper the breath the more life force

Daily meditation to cultivate positive emotions/ spiritual supports

Cultivate life meaning and purpose by doing what you love

Fresh air and natural places ( we are natural beings this is we heal with nature, we are part of nature)

Water and fasting – two to three days fasting heals the body faster than any conventional method.

No Raw food on the stomach, contrary to much popular belief, the stomach and spleen need cooked food, otherwise these organs have to work twice as hard.

Recognising illness, allowing oneself to feel any illness fully within the body and surrender completely to the body’s wisdom, without thinking or label. If we can accept it, there is possibility to heal it (it is fighting it with our mind takes so much life force the body needs to heal)

Reducing the impact of stress requires intervention : PERIOD
One cannot reduce stress with mind only interventions. Stress requires action: diet change, meditation, spine alignment and posture, natural supplements and alternative therapies that calm adrenal activity and response. As energy follows thought/commitment and action.

Supplements, oils and therapies that help the body heal and don’t have to cost the earth

Flax oil/ olive oil, avocado oil, walnut oil, almond oil, evening primrose oil for hormones

Cores supplements: magnesium, zinc, vitamin B complex, vitamin B 12, vitamin C for Vitiman D levels, calcium, postassium and iron

Willow leaf tea, a common tree that is plentiful and provides the immune system with a powerful anti-inflammatory response. found in almost every garden, boil two to three leaves once a day.

Soulways Therapy/Saralee Healing

Oriental lifestyle healing and philosophy is the only lifestyle philosophy that I have found to understand and heal the body fully which is not about diagnostics but rediscovering how to live in life harmony balance, the movement of energy is in the auto-immune body so healing, cleansing and purifying the life force body is achieved through:

Seiki Soho Japanese energy purification and meridian treatment

Breath work – Seiki Soho breath observation

Seiki purification exercises that cleanse the body

Seiki meditation practice with Japanese mudras

Japanese healing philosophy: We are learning what we teach and we are teaching what we learn. Observation.

For more information contact Saralee Healing or

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