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December 17, 2018

Wake Up and Smell the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice has been globally known as a mid-winter milestone, as it has the shortest day and longest night. This is an event on our global calendar because the poles of the Earth are at their greatest point away from the Sun. After this Solstice day, the days get progressively longer.

Until the 16th century, the winter months were particularly noted as times of scarcity and famine. As a result, more cattle were killed before the Solstice so that they wouldn’t need feeding during the colder months. The outcome was a plentiful supply of meat, which resulted in an abundance around the time of the Winter Solstice.

In early Scandinavian times the Feast of Juul occurred, lasting 12 days, to celebrate the birth of the Sun. It involved burning a Yule log, scattering ashes for luck, and keeping a small piece for kindling for the next year ahead. In Ancient Rome the Winter Solstice generated more peace, a suspension of discipline, and arguments were forgiven. Poland celebrated forgiveness and the sharing of food. Pakistan was in a festive mood at Winter Solstice, purifying, singing, dancing, eating and holding bonfires. In Guatemala, the Sun God was honored with a flying pole dance. The Talmud (the ancient traditional Jewish text) even recognizes the Solstice with a title, imploring the sun to return.

Up until the present time the Winter Solstice has shown up on the grid system of 3rd dimensional society. The 3rd dimension is based on the compass of the four geographical directions (North, South, East West), and the hands of time on a clock face. Therefore, the 3rd dimension can be described as a time and directional system. The Winter Solstice has been a celebration on this grid system that informed us of the light and the rebirth of the Sun.

As we move into the 4th dimension, the focus is on consciously expanding more creative space beyond the 3rd dimension grid. In this space we can create anything and everything. In actual fact, we have been playing within this space, less consciously, even though it has resulted in us creating everything that has existed on this planet up until this point in time in the 3rd dimension. Now is the time to deliberately shift more consciously into the 4th and 5th dimensions, where we intentionally allow affirmation and manifestation to become our accepted expression and where we can collaborate to move this planet to where it needs to be to thrive. As we spend more time in the 4th dimension, the 5th dimension becomes more accessible as well, where we begin to experience truth at a much higher level of Union. Our society is struggling to reach Unity, but it is not until we shift into the 5th dimension that we can fully claim it.

How do we facilitate this shift towards the 4th and 5th dimensions? On a personal level, it is important to become aware of the relationship between you and your yin and yang energies. Your yin energy is the inward, deep, dark, feminine and the yang energy is the outgoing, joyful, sunny, masculine. On the shortest day and longest night of the Winter Solstice, your yin energy will more prevalent, leading to more opportunity for reflection, manifestation, and the journey inward.

It important to take this time to recognize the light inside ourselves and allow it to shine outwards. Reflect inwards and honor all of your light, hopes, and dreams, allowing them to outshine any fears, shadows and negativity. Focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Step back and take inventory of how you’re showing up on all levels and how you’re expressing your love of, for, and in the World.

This Winter Solstice is a wonderful opportunity for new growth. We must be more awakened and more conscious of our relationship to our living, breathing, planet Earth. It’s time to create harmony within ourselves and each other. At this time in our evolvement it is vital that we become more connected. We need to be in greater harmony, with a respectful, sustainable, and holistic attitude.

We must wake up now. Time is of the essence. Be kind, generous, come from a place of love for yourself, each other, plants, animals, the whole planet and the Universe. Always come back to love.

Happy Winter Solstice 2018. Go make a difference!

Ruth Kramer

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