January 7, 2019

Jyotish Sidereal Horoscopes for January to December 2019: Honoring our Shadows & Light.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

*Author’s note: Vedic Astrology, or jyotish, is one of the oldest sciences on the planet and considered a relative of astronomy. It is an important and valuable part of the ancient Vedic texts. This complex, logic-based, and also intuitive science, has survived thousands of years in India’s Vedic tradition and is still considered a highly valuable tool of guidance and life insight. It is not a religion, but rather a philosophical understanding of human and cosmic existence. In Sanskrit, jyoti means light.

Essentially, the study of jyotish is the study of light and how we interact with the cosmic light—within us and within the cosmos. Vedic astrology, or the sidereal approach to astrology casts charts differently to Western or Tropical astrology. The meanings, implications, and purpose of jyotish is therefore different, as are the details used for prediction and the indications given below. 


The coming year has some dramatic changes arriving, while offering a deconstruction of old structures and foundations, and an increased focus on communication and self-expression.

Days after the new year begins, we experienced the first eclipse of the year. There will be five eclipses total this year. January 5th was the first partial solar eclipse, followed by a total lunar eclipse on January 20th. The next set of eclipses will occur in July and one final eclipse in December.

There are some challenging transits to keep your eye on in the days and months ahead. The new year begins with the pressure of Saturn on the sun and Mercury.

February comes with restructuring and changes as well. We must pay attention to what changes are being asked of us and not resist the wisdom of Saturn arriving right now. Are you paying attention? What are your challenges trying to tell you? What changes and adjustments need to be made?

Listen to my Facebook Live and get the play-by-play of transits for 2019.

2019 brings a mix of transits—most notably the challenging conjunction of Ketu and Saturn for the majority of the year. Old structures are being dismantled and we are being asked to let go of what is not in right relationship with natural cycles and rhythms. Where are you out of alignment? How can you simplify and restructure?

As Ketu transits into Sagittarius early March, he collides with Saturn, causing major shifts and changes with old, established structures and foundations. Expect a restructuring of the old ways of being and what you have relied upon. These old patterns and behaviors will be dismantled. Though uncomfortable, this is an opportunity for a massive upgrade in all areas of your life. A breakup of heaviness and long-standing grief is coming. Ketu provides change and transformation, whether welcomed or not.

This year is an important time to slow way down. Ketu moves at lightning speed, while Saturn moves extremely slowly and methodically. These two planets contradict each other on every level. Saturn will request your attention and force his ways whether you care to listen or not. Ground, stay close to earth and body, simplify your life, and slow down more than you think you need to.

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Saturn is connected to the physical body and structures of all kinds—especially old and ancient ones. Keep life as simple as possible and, again, slow way down. Simplify life more than you think you need to. Wherever you are over complicating things, Saturn will cause pressure and pain.

Saturn reminds us that we need to be in right relationship with natural laws. Wherever he is causing duress and pain, he’s asking us to move into right relationship with natural cycles and rhythms. He wants simplicity and slow, steady steps. Look to Sagittarius in your Jyotish chart for the area of your life and body that is asking for more attention right now. What themes are present? Where do you feel the pressure?

Jupiter continues to transit Scorpio for the majority of the year, shifting into Sagittarius late in the year. Scorpio is a sign of depth, death, and vulnerability. Jupiter is the teacher, the mahaguru. Right now, the greatest teachings are coming from the darkness, the depth, and from the shadows. Pay attention and don’t skip over the unseen realms. Life gains meaning and wisdom when we are willing to face our darkness. True healing cannot take place without honoring the wholeness—both shadow and light.

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Horoscopes for 2019

*These Horoscopes will give you general themes for the year to come based on your rising sign. Horoscopes are based on your sidereal, or jyotish rising sign, not your Western or tropical sign. There is likely no correlation. You may also use with your sidereal moon or sun sign for extra insight.

Aries: Saturn continues through your ninth house of dharma this year, sparking a need for new structure with life path, purpose, spiritual growth, and focus on authority issues. Grief surfaces in these areas of your life and begs you to look more closely. Transform the lump of coal into the diamond. Lean closer, don’t look away. Get focused and direct your efforts with clarity and vigilance. Jupiter in your eighth house is asking you to dive deeper and look below the surface. Attend to the darkness within and don’t neglect your shadow work. There is much to learn about your vulnerability. Look closer.

After March, the restructuring that has been taking place in your career shifts and dharmic changes beg for your attention. You won’t be able to keep going in the same direction. It’s time for something new. Spiritual matters become nonnegotiable. Focus on creativity, the hands, and self-expression. How can you start letting your passions get more of your attention and intention?

Taurus: Relationships continue to get your focus and force you to look closer. They are helping you learn so much! It hasn’t been easy, but you are learning more about self-expression and what it means to be vulnerable, which is vital for a healthy relationship to thrive. Old, undigested grief is surfacing and requires you to put some focus on your depths and darkness. Feeling lost and misaligned with your life path and purpose? It’s important to focus on your sense of self and inner truth. Align with your power and notice where you are giving your power away. Plug the leaks.

The coming year requires you to make some adjustments with finances, food, and voice. It’s time to truly express your needs and notice where you are keeping yourself silent. Vulnerabilities, fears, and traumas from the past resurface and require you to revisit them. Get more support and guidance to navigate this so you can heal and release. This is not a year to take unnecessary risk or be negligent with your health. Sensitivity will be at an all-time high. Honor it.

Gemini: Jupiter in your sixth house has been helping you heal from the gut level and support greater insights with conflicts and finances. Keep listening and be willing to dive deeper into your vulnerabilities and shadows. You’ve been forced to put focus on past traumas and shadows, but this will shift early March. The wisdom and clarity you’ve gained through voice, finances, and nourishment will be useful in the year ahead. Refocus in the coming months and put attention on your self-development and self-awareness. The veils of illusion will be asking you to pay attention and support their release. How are your inner shadows clouding your vision of self, power, and purpose?

Relationships have been bringing grief to the forefront. At the same time, this is a powerful time to reestablish a sense of grounding, stability, and support—within your body and your life. Rebalance and find a new sense of self and life structure. This will become even more important in the year ahead. Navigate instability with conscious awareness. Where are you creating this instability? What choices and decision continue to destabilize you? How can you deepen your roots in order to weather the storms of life more easily? Deepen your self-trust and inner wisdom. Your body wisdom will never lead you astray.

Cancer: The past year and a half have been focused on self-growth and inner awareness. You have been learning and growing by leaps and bounds, though it hasn’t been easy. Much of your growth has come by removing veils of illusion. Relationships have brought changes and transformations, pain, and release. March brings a shift in focus as Rahu moves to your 12th house of spiritual, ancestral, and foreign travels. Marriage and partnerships get your attention and may require some trouble shooting. Pay attention and don’t get lazy or lost in ideals. This will require your focused attention and proactive steps. Healing comes suddenly and with amazing results, while also helping you resolve conflicts and challenges that have not been previously released. Why do you resist confrontation? How can you show up more authentically and be more emotionally congruent?

The process of healing requires effort and hard work but will be worth it. This is a powerful time to let go of undigested grief and work consciously on digestion, stomach issues, and health. The physical body will require you to pay close attention but releasing undigested grief from the body is supported right now. Don’t push past what your gut is telling you. All of this is clearing the way for more empowered, focused intuitive awareness and inner intelligence. It’s well worth your effort.

Leo: For over a year, you’ve been pulled into your depths, attending to loss, retreat, alone time, and the spiritual realms. You’ve been focusing on healing and releasing conflict—inner and outer. How can you keep showing up authentically? Heart and home matters continue to teach you so much about your needs and desires. Keep listening to your emotional body wisdom and honor the full spectrum of its expression. You get to feel what you feel! Your power and intuition are the main challenge right now. This theme continues in 2019 and requires you really step up! Why are you resisting your powerful insights and empowered self-expression?

As Ketu shifts into conjunction with Saturn early March, the stagnation begins to break apart. Revisiting trauma and grief that has kept you disempowered will be important. Release and challenges come through children, playfulness, intuition, power, and gut. Gains come if you make space for them but there will be inevitable losses in this process. Lean closer, not away. Support release and letting go, so that you have room to express yourself more fully. Be mindful of relationships, friendships, and older siblings. Are they empowering you or disempowering you? Clarify needs and boundaries and focus on authentic self-expression.

Virgo: Expansion and growth continues to come from courage and self-expression. Continue to focus on the full range of creativity and wisdom in your hands. You are learning a lot about how to use these parts of yourself for your dharmic path and purpose. Now it’s time to implement them more fully. Take action and don’t lose sight of your goals. Your self-expression and creativity support relationships, dharma, and gains. Stay with it. Grief is surfacing with home, heart, and mother. Lean closer and attend to the undigested emotions that are keeping you stuck. Friendships, older siblings, and gains have been challenging. Power, intuition, and gut insights have caused you to refocus and realign your path. What are you learning about your power and intuition? Where do you need to express more and share your emotions?

The coming year causes challenges with home, heart, land, mother, and the chest. Old, undigested grief is breaking apart and releasing. Support this process so you can make space for something new. You will need to readjust and let go in this process. Where are you gripping too tightly? As Rahu shifts to your 10th house early March, career and offering get your energy and focus for the coming year and a half. Are your worldly desires getting the best of you? Get visible and ask for what you need but be mindful that your desires may be out of control at this time. You will likely need to adjust your plans.

Libra: You’ve been very focused on your career and life offering over the past year and though there have been challenges and gains, it’s time to refocus. Heart, home, and mother have brought release, restructuring, and heartache. As Rahu shifts into your ninth house of dharma early March, your attention moves closer to life path and purpose. Challenges arrive with authority and those in power positions. Be mindful that you are in right relationship with those you are walking with. Do they have your needs and best interests in mind? What is your relationship with power and authority?

This is an important cycle to reestablish your own sense of self and power. Realign with your own inner knowing and deepen your courage and creativity. Be mindful of your hands and awaken the gifts of your artistic expression. Though it may feel challenging, find a new creative structure and implement solid self-expression into your life skills. Use your body in creative ways and expand your self-expression. Continue to focus on nourishment, food habits, and money behaviors. Lean closer to your malnourishment and get to the root of your issues. Debt, lack, and feeling unsupported are all symptoms of not being able to receive. What is blocking you from getting your needs met? Why are you resisting what you need?

Scorpio: The self-expansion continues this year as Jupiter spends most of the year in your head helping you learn, grow, and stabilize in life-changing ways. He is supporting more playfulness, empowerment, relationships, and dharmic alignment. Say yes to his wisdom and keep going! Even with the expansion, Saturn is pruning the nourishment you receive, causing restrictions, delays, and obstructions. Pay closer attention to your food, money, and voice. There is undigested grief here to attend to and it’s causing pain and challenge. You’ve been focused on your dharma and greater empowerment the past year, awakening more self-expression and stepping into greater courage.

As Ketu moves to Sagittarius early March, you redirect and refocus on your need for nourishment. The stagnation begins to break up but will require a great deal of attention and intention. Vulnerability gets a lot more of your attention. Lean even closer, dive even deeper, look under every rock, and let your shadows guide you. Attend to health and don’t get lackadaisical. The restructuring taking place with food, money, and voice is necessary for more nourishment to be received. Right now, attend to the painful transformation and losses so you can make space for what you truly need. What do you need for greater nourishment? How can your vulnerability support more receiving?

Sagittarius: The past few years have been deeply life-changing. You are being asked to simplify and transform in all areas of your life—inside and out. Vulnerability and past life reminders are coming to the forefront. As Saturn continues through your first house, you are in a powerful life-altering process. Be mindful of health and be vigilant with your body. Undigested grief is surfacing and requires your attention. Keep it moving and don’t push it away. Your usual optimism may be feeling distant and hard to find. Keep going anyway. Trust this metamorphosis you are in and create a new life structure for yourself.

Spiritual matters, release, retreat, and ancestral insights are strengthening. Keep deepening your listening skills and integrate the wisdom arriving. The next phase of your path will be sharing this inner wisdom with others, but for now trust what is coming to you and let it be a resource. As Ketu moves to your first house early March, you begin a remarkable life-altering restructuring. The grief you’ve been carrying begins to lift and the heaviness shifts. You are becoming an entirely new person and it’s visible to others. You will need even more support and guidance in the months ahead. Gather more support and strengthen your team. Relationships require your focus and may be a stronger desire for you. What do you need to learn from them? Where do they cause you pain and challenge? Your path is changing and becoming even more spiritually focused. Attune and align with the wisdom coming to you and let it inform your choices.

Capricorn: It’s been well over a year of restructuring and life-altering experiences. You are not the same person you were over a year ago. The massive transformations within your head and body are shifting early March. Relationships have forced you to pay attention and attend to your shadows more closely. The new focus will be on release, spirit, ancestors, and retreats. Marriage and partnerships get more of your focus and require restructuring as well. Be vigilant with changes that are necessary and don’t drop your guard. Support and allow for release and letting go. Ask the ancestors for help and insights. Address any resistance around conflicts and healing. Why might you be resisting confrontation, boundaries, and expressing your needs?

Awaken your inner healer and gut intelligence. Support digestion and release so you have more space for deeper nourishment. There may be a tendency toward constipation and challenges with release. Remember that gains come when you make space for them. What needs to be released in order for you to have room for more of what you need? Attend to friendships and older siblings. There may be more to learn from these relationships, but you’ll have to be honest with your vulnerability and shadows.

Aquarius: You’ve been receiving the gift of expansion with your career and offerings, but it’s causing you to look below the surface and see the shadows. The depth is causing some misalignment to surface and an awareness about unmet needs. How can you take this insight and wisdom into a new offering or share your gifts in a new way? Focus on home, heart, emotions, nourishment, and healing. Let this wisdom guide you toward a more nourishing direction. Friendships, older siblings, and gains have brought challenges and discomfort. What needs to be clarified and released so you have more space for your own path and purpose?

Spiritual matters have gotten a lot of your focus this past year. Attending to emotional congruency and authentic emotional expression has been part of your healing journey. The shift arriving this year comes as your power, intuition, and gut intelligence get your focused attention. It may feel unclear and uncertain at first but keep leaning closer and gather the resources you need to strengthen your empowered clarity within. The undigested grief in relationships begins to break apart. Expect release, letting go, and loss, but remember you are making space for what you truly need and deserve. Say yes to your power and don’t look back.

Pisces: Dharma and life purpose have been expanding and growing. Let your spiritual insights inform your choices and path. This wisdom is supporting self-growth and intuitive insights. Your children, power, and gut intelligence have gotten your full attention for over a year. Friendships, relationships, gains, and older siblings have come with release, loss, and restructuring. Career and life offering have felt heavy, hard, and painful. This heaviness has impacted home and heart as well.

Early March, a shift in focus arrives. The stagnation and disappointments in career begin to break apart. You are being asked to restructure the way you share yourself in this world. Let computers, internet, and spiritual insights support your new offering. The tighter you grip, the more pain will arrive. Letting go and release are necessary in order to make way for the new. Don’t resist. A stronger emphasis arrives with home, heart, mother, land, and emotions over the next year and a half. Beautify your space, ask for more, honor your desires, and seek a deeper sense of home and emotional body wisdom, but don’t let your desires get the best of you. The deep longing for home might cloud your judgement. Gather guidance, counsel, and support while strengthening your inner power. You are learning to trust yourself even more.


I am on a mission to help sensitive souls connect with their inner truth and inner wisdom. To connect with purpose and dharma. We need you now more than ever! I would love to hear from you.


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